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The Way to Glory audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Way to Glory audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

The Way to Glory audiobook free

Reading a book for pleasure should be the reason why anyone reads a book, thing is, you only really get to form an honest opinion at least towards the end of the book. I’m taking break from normal reading to re-read this RCN series because it was a joy to read. The last two books in his series changed direction, a bit, but this, book four, still follows the original story type. I love it!

Drake, The Way To Glor The Way to Glory (2005) is the fourth novel in the RCN series, following The Far Side of the Stars.
Leary is assigned to the pirate tender Hermes captained by Commander Aban Slidell Commander Slidell has just been absolved by a Court Martial in the death of a supposedly mutinous crew. Rather than override the findings of the Court Martial the Admiralty assigns Leary as the senior lieutenant to the crew of the Hermes by “adjusting” Leary’s date of rank. One can’t help but speculating that the Admiralty believes the Court Martial got it wrong and wants to double check on the captain.
I highly recommend this novel for fans of Dave Drake’s “action novels”. Yes, it has some character development in it, but what good novel doesn’t?

Review #2

The Way to Glory audiobook in series RCN Series

Leary will be clever, sometimes impulsive, Mundy will continue cool and calculating. Ideal partnership, as I noted with a previous installment. Recognized as such, they figure in more than one spider’s tangled scheme. Ah, politics in a fermenting Republic! You will love the sketches of fellow officers- in the main, deserving of Leary’s respect. Especially compared to the drones attending the parties described elsewhere.
And politics shuffles Leary to another ship, new, larger- commanded by a man under a cloud. Assigned to fight pirates, the cruise will be unlike the others. (If you think about it, space would only encourage the hit and hide tactics that attract criminals.) In this, the parallels to Napoleonic warfare-at-sea are clear. Along the way there are shakedown and ship repairs in addition to learning operation of a anti-pirate Tender.
Finally, does Drake need to keep repeating the Father-son and Father-vs-Mundy controversies? Just say that they don’t speak to the old snake.

Review #3

Audiobook The Way to Glory by David Drake

The plot of the series is one that I learned of by finding the first book in a trading book store, then another. I found this military space theme with two main characters such a unique idea that I bought the rest of the series and put in an order for the next one coming out.

Another great Lt. Leary book, though we all know he wouldn’t be where he was without his “librarian” Adele Mundy. I eagerly await each new book in this series, though I will read most anything written by David Drake. My only quibble with this book is that nothing is resolved regarding the “mutiny” and execution of crew members by Lt. Leary’s new commander in his {the commander’s) previous ship. Perhaps we will hear more about that in a later book??

Review #4

Audio The Way to Glory narrated by David Drake

An amazing and exciting Sci-Fi adventure in the finest space opera tradition. Space and land battles enough for the most avid military Sci-Fi fan, but with a touch of both love and politics for others. I can’t help but recommend this volume in this series to every die hard Sci-Fi fan.

Review #5

Free audio The Way to Glory – in the audio player below

Quite frankly, this is a darned good read. It combines the best storytelling with the solid foundation of a previous epic. I’m so heartened there are many stories in this series on the Kindle. This’ll have me gently entertained, relaxed, inspired, intrigued and adhered for months to come.

A good exciting yarn, very readable, what I would call an easy read, not demanding. But excting, a good example of what I would call military science fiction.

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