King Solomon’s Curse

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King Solomon\’s Curse audiobook – Audience Reviews


Hi there, are you looking for King Solomon\’s Curse audiobook free? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it, thanks.


Review #1

King Solomon\’s Curse full audiobook free


I wish Hollywood would make Andy’s books into movies and put Jason Statham and Amy Adams in the parts of Eddie and Nina.
After 13 books I still love the adventures they get into. So keep writing the books Andy and I will keep reading them.


Review #2

King Solomon\’s Curse audiobook in series Nina Wilde And Eddie Chase


Well Andy McDermott has done it again….given us another fast paced adventure. This adventure takes them from England, to Israel to Africa. They never seem to be idle and always in danger. Once they arrived in Africa they met up with some of Eddies mates from his previous SAS life and started off for a hidden city. It was there they met a new nemesis amJames Bond in his own mind. It was also the place they discovered their new treasure that had the power to change the power structure of England and the world. As always the Chases over come their adversary and save the day….lNO Spoiler alert in this review.
Its a great read and well worth the price.


Review #3

King Solomon\’s Curse audiobook by Andy McDermott


Action begins quickly uncovering a hidden room within the just rediscovered 1st Temple built by King Solomon. Discovered within clues leading to a lost city containing a structure built by Solomon to hide something. To further complicate things the city lies within war torn Democratic Republic of Congo. And to add to the intrigue, an old British opponent of Chase’s is after the same find. Action will move back to London eventually and also involve Chase and Nina’s daughter. Another great adventure in the series.


Review #4

King Solomon\’s Curse audio narrated by Simon Mattacks


Andy McDermott I do not know HOW you do it. Every book about Nina and Eddie is amazing. Action packed, mysterious, filled with adventure in so many venues. Characters that are complex yet real. I have read each of this series at least three times and never tire of them. And once started I have to read on to the end! Anyone who has not read Andy’s Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase books needs to start at number one and follow through to this one. Please never stop continuing the great adventures of this duo. You are a genius.


Review #5

free audio King Solomon\’s Curse – in the audio player below


I enjoyed this Wilde/Chase novel as much if not more than all the others in the series. I love how McDermott keeps on finding ancient artifacts to be the source of these ongoing adventures. I always wonder…whats next? Pretty much, if you like Andy McDermott’s adventure series with Eddie Chase and Nina Wilde, you will like this one, its very much a page-turner!


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