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Lover Unbound audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Lover Unbound audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Lover Unbound audiobook free

I know I’m late to the party but I finally started reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I’ve read the first 5 books in the series and I think I’m done. I may change my mind later and return to this series but as of right now, I’m done.

Overall, the books are good paranormal books. It’s a different take on vampires with a dark world tucked inside our own world. There are civilian vampires and warrior vampires. The brotherhood is the later. Vampires only drink from other vampires of the opposite sex. The civilian world has a old world snobbery where bloodlines are more important than individuals. Add in the lessening society, who are headed by the Omega. Yeah, he’s the badest baddy you can think of. Some of humans mythology is there. Heaven and hell. But there is also the scribe virgin who is the creator of the vampire world.

Book five is Vishous (warrior with interesting mother issues) and Jane’s (human doctor) story. I think that while I liked this story the best, it was the one that caused me to decide to stop reading this series. At this point, I can’t stand the scribe virgin no matter her “sacrifice”. What she allowed to happen to Vishous went over a line for me. It’s one of those trust issues that can’t be fixed for me.

While I liked the series, I grew tired of the slang, true? Yeah, that came up a lot. I get that this series is older and these books were releases in the early 2000’s but it got old after a while. I just couldn’t take one more “feel me?”. The vampires were stuck in the 90’s watching old (even then) reruns and talking like the million dollar man.

And those breaking of trust issues I had? I learn to trust certain authors not to do things that I can’t get past. While it may be more like real life, it isn’t what I want from my books. Things like guys having sex with another girl while crushing on someone else. Yeah, it was in the book before their story, but I couldn’t let it go. And impossible situations. I get that this is fiction and an author can write whatever they want but some things go too far. The example of this is a spoiler so I won’t say it but it really deflated me to the point I didn’t want to read. Not good.

Also, it was just too easy to see things coming in these books. I really wasn’t surprised, even with what should have been major events. I like hints and they are necessary but these were too obvious.

I guess the last think has to do with how much the stories are tied together. You learn so much about other heroes well before their story. While that’s usually a good thing, it started to bug me. I wanted the story focused on this couple. These books are not so much companion as they are slices of a vampire soap opera. I guess I bore easily and this one had me yawning.

If you are a vampire book person, I would guess this series would still interest you. The writing is strong and the sex is always hot. I’m not sure the romance is strong, it wasn’t for me. But a lot of people love these books. I kept hoping I’d love them more. It just didn’t happen.

Review #2

Lover Unbound audiobook streamming online

If you dislike a book written from a dual POV, then you’ll hate this book for its written from four or five different POVs. There were times you can’t tell immediately who’s talking. This gives you more than whiplash. I thought this would be a book with Vishous and Jane as the main characters with the other brothers and their mates making appearances. However, there’s Vishous, Jane, Phury, Cormia and John as the main characters. You’re given all of their POVs at different times and their roles are as major as Vishous. I was left confused, unhappy and downright angry after reading this book.

Some things made no sense and certainly didn’t encourage me to read additional books, especially not at $7.99 a book. This book left me with plenty of unanswered questions with no feeling of satisfaction. What cost did Vishous and Jane pay and why was their cost so high? Nothing was resolved for Phury and Cormia and you’re left not really caring what happens with them. John’s story has been drawn out entirely too long. I won’t read more books hoping Darius would return. Does John or Beth really need him? And, how did the Directrix get away with her actions right under the nose of the Scribe Virgin? The Scribe Virgin is not the end all – there is one more powerful. Yeah, right? How did Vishous’ twin get overlooked all this time? Just something to dangle, enticing you to keep reading the series.

After rereading Father Mine, I’m finished with this series unless other books are put on sale. Disappointment describes how I’m left feeling about this book and the series.

Review #3

Audiobook Lover Unbound by Ruth Ozeki

I was waiting for Vishous to get over his crush on Butch and fall in love with someone and when he fell, he fell hard. But of course there had to be so many roadblocks. First he finally meets his mother who turns out to be the God they have all been praying to. Which opens a huge can of worms for V as to why she left him with his father for all those years to be tortured and humiliated, which basically made him the messed up Vampire he still is today.

Then to top it off, she expects him to become the Primale, which means he basically has to mate with 40 of the Chosen females that serve the Scribe Virgin in order to repopulate the ranks of the brotherhood. He agrees since it is his duty and since the Lessening Society has a never ending supply of humans to recruit from. However, he meets he meets his mate a few day later which complicates things.

The story of John Matthew is also furthered in this book as he Lash transitions before John and keeps threatening him. Also John, Quinn and Blaylock start hanging out at the bar, ZeroSum where Xhex watches out for John.

One thing I was waiting for in the last book was for Zsadist to have a sex talk with John. That happened in this book but I was a bit disappointed. Z told John that he read his file and knew what happened to him in the stairwell. He told John that he didn’t have to talk about it if he didn’t want to and that nobody else needed to know about it. That he would burn the file before he let anyone else see it. But I was a bit upset that he didn’t tell John that the same thing had happened to him when he was a blood slave. He talked to John later about being kidnapped and being a slave, but it is obvious from earlier books that John thinks no brother has ever been raped by men, especially Zsadist. He even thought that at one point.

Another storyline that was furthered was Phury’s. He is still pining for Bella, and that is getting sickening. He tried to break his celibacy with a hooker at ZeroSum in the bathroom to get over her, but has a new plan now. I hope for his sake it works out. He, and his hair, are apparently really hot. These books keep getting better and better so I can’t wait.

Review #4

Audio Lover Unbound by Alex Perone Marissa Parness

It it like having your very own roller coaster in either your comfiest armchair, your sofa or your side of the bed because reading these books throws you through loops,twists, chucks you up high and then slams you back to Earth! I love the emotions that I have to run through, love the characters and the descriptions that allow you to ‘see’ all that transpires. Truly skilful and I can’t wait for the next… actually surviving the lockdown and Coronavirus because I certainly have something to occupy my time! Roll on…..ooh……Phury is next!

Review #5

Free audio Lover Unbound – in the audio player below

I was sceptical about reading this as the reviews were mixed however having read the first four of the series, thoroughly enjoying them and quite honestly becoming “hooked” I took the plunge and decided to give it ago.
I would say for the first half I was with the reviews maybe this isn’t as good as the first few of the series however as the story progressed I started to become enthralled.
This is a beautiful story about Vishous (aka “V”) and the new love of his life Dr Jane Whitcomb. The bare bones of the story are very simple, he gets injured whilst out on his own, taken to a human hospital where she is the lead trauma specialist, she fixes him, he falls for her etc., etc., What makes this so special is that we are told of V’s horrifying past, the way his father treated him and how his mother allowed him to be treated (she COULD have stopped the horrendous treatment with the power she has), how he survived that but possibly because of the trauma and abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and his cronies never bonded with anyone, until he meets Jane and falls head over heels in love with her (the feelings are reciprocated) only to have his life of torment and tragedy upon him again when she is cruelly taken from him, not for long though as his Mother soon realises the errors of her ways and although cannot bring Jane back to him totally she does whatever she does and at least allows him to have her in a fashion. I have to say towards the end of the novel I wept – I found it a very touching and moving story that will stay with me for a little while, I certainly found it more emotionally involving than the first four books.
Going forward; I am now stuck with what to read next having read all of the books in the series in order. The next is about Phury, his is now Primale and living “on the other side”, the reviews and indeed the synopsis sound very fanciful and not at all like the action/romance within these first five stories and beyond this I really don’t know if I am interested in the characters, most of which have been introduced in the first five books….Will have to spend some time researching before downloading – feel free to recommend.

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