Knife of Dreams

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If you are a fan of science fiction fantasies then Knife of Dreams will make a beautiful read. The entire Wheel of Time series is a treat for science fiction lovers. Knife of Dreams is its 11th chapter. The author behind this marvel is Robert Jordan. The Eye of the World and The Shadow Rising is the most inspiring novels from the Wheel of Time series.

Kate Reading and Michael Kramer have narrated this chapter. The followers of Wheel of Time in audio format are well aware of the duo. They have given many sensational performances in the series and Knife of Dreams is no different.

Knife of Dreams audiobook free

The men are dying some weird and impossible deaths. Dead people are walking and it looks like the reality of this world has become unstable. All these are the signs of the Last Battle of Tarmon Gai’don. It is time for Rand to confront the Dark One. It was the only hope left for the survival of humanity. Perrin on the other hand has made his very own treaty with the Seanchan. It was a treat with the Dark One. But, he would go to any extent for freeing Faile, his wife. He also had to finish the Shaido who abducted her. Faile at her end was trying hard to free herself. She was keeping a secret that could either cause her destruction or got her freedom. However, things were quite challenging and not easy at all. There was something special needed from Rand and Faile.

The book is highly fascinating, especially with its battle scenes. You will find the breathless insistence of some firsthand experience.

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