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Live Free or Die Audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Live Free or Die audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Live Free or Die audiobook free

Starting out reading this book, I almost couldn’t “get into it” initially. I didn’t read many reviews on it before buying it, so I didn’t REALLY know what to expect. Just taking a shot in the dark on something interesting looking at first glance. I’m glad I read it and truly enjoyed it after my initial misgivings.

The Good:
The relatively fast pace of the story helped me keep interested in the story through what might be “boring” storyline details. 5 years to melt an asteroid? Skipped. I feel that the author didn’t lose much in the way of detail by skipping through years in some cases during some mundane developments. Nothing happens quickly in space after all. It’s not on B.V. Larson’s level of fast paced (which I enjoy as well), but I would call it “streamlined”. This point is just personal opinion, but I felt that it was refreshing having a book written from a politically conservative point of view. I’ve had to put down books written in overtly liberal tones, so anyone with a liberal point of view will probably have the same experience with this book. I liked it, but it will not be for everyone for that reason alone.

Review #2

Live Free or Die audiobook Series Troy Rising

I’m 75% through this book right now and I LOVE IT! The pacing is quick, the characters are likeable and this book is just FUN to read. The fun factor comes from two sources as far as I can tell:
1) The plot, characters and dialogue are beautifully free of forcible political-correctness. There are no characters belonging to identity-groups simply for the sake of having them represented. The characters are who and what they are because it serves the story for them to be that way.
2) John Ringo apparently respects the people who buy and read his books. The man has written a lot, he seems to have fun doing the research necessary to write believably about scientific/military industries, and he wants his readers to enjoy what he must have poured a lot of effort into. Thats professionalism. That’s passion. It can’t be faked.

I won’t go into much detail about the plot as it was covered in earlier reviews, but I found it highly plausible for a sci-fi novel, wonderfully inventive as far as the initial conflict between humans and Horvath was concerned, and what drives it all forward is the presence of a HERO who takes on his own hardships, uses initiative and intelligence to rather quickly go from pauper to prince of sorts (while staying rather humble), and demonstrates that human beings might be behind the technological curve compared to alien races, but can catch up quickly and hold our own because we’re determined to survive while maintaining our sovereignty.

I heard of John Ringo thanks to people in SF fandom who were protesting his participation in various conventions (which I have never attended). He was said to be racist, misogynist, sexist, etc. so after I bought “The Last Centurion” (which was also fun to read!), I bought this book figuring I’d see some evidence of their complaints. “Live Free or Die” is a pretty popular title. If there are -isms and -ists, they must be found in here.

Guess what I found? There’s no evidence to back up what the protestors say. Seems like they were LYING! Personally, I think they’re jealous of Ringo’s success and writing ability. However, I thank them heartily for bringing my attention to this writer, whose books I will happily continue to buy and read because just like a good spouse, they’re FUN to spend free time with, they don’t insult my intelligence, and they keep their promises.

And if buying and enjoying more of this author’s books makes social-justice worrier heads explode, that’s just seasoning on the steak.

Review #3

Audiobook Live Free or Die by John Ringo

I Want to first say that i am for all relivant purposes a redneck boy. I am a farmer from the back of beyond, i am suspicious of goverment, and i literaly have a redneck from working outside. So no fury please, i say Redneck with affection, own your label boys and girls. Now to the Review.

Its a brilliant story of how just one man can save the world. Much better than that pesky goverment, for Dam..d sure, better than those limp wristed bureaucrats in Washington, they are probably Commies mutter mutter, Obamacare! mutter Mutter.

I Mock but its Brilliant! A wish fufilling fantasy for the Libertarian heirs of Heinelin, after all if one man can sell the moon, one man can save us from alien invaders with nothing more than Maple Syrup and an iron will. It gets progressively sillier as it goes on, books 2 and 3 go from wish fufilling to absurd, but its a crackaling good read, just dont take the politics too seriously.

Review #4

Audio Live Free or Die narrated by Mark Boyett

Admittedly this was right up my street, earth leaping forward in technology and getting out into the big wild universe, but have read it multiple times now and still love it. John Ringo’s best work, i hope there is more to come from this series. Hot Gate and Citadel not as good as the first offering, i liked the story more focused on Tyler Vernon than all the other characters, especially didn’t enjoy the bits focused on the south american personnel, but that may have been Ringo’s aim. Authors political leanings clear from all the ‘don’t care for his politics, but…’ type statements from characters, bit distracting but story wouldn’t be the same without them, suspect portion of the motivation to write is authors’ frustration with channels other than Fox News!

Review #5

Free audio Live Free or Die – in the audio player below

A very fun and interesting storyline with fantastic world building. The characters are entertaining and well thought out, the only negative is the terminology that was introduced early in the book and broken down into acronyms pop up throughout and I had completely forgotten what they meant. Also a lot of American acronyms that I’ve never heard before living in Ireland.
A definite recommended book though, already got a friend to buy it and he’s loving it too!
I would recommend getting the audiobook and playing it on 1.25 speed (it’s crazy slow otherwise) and enjoy the ride! It’s a lot of fun.

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