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The Best of Us Audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Best of Us audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

The Best of Us audiobook free

I got hot and heavy into GE a few years ago and read 9 books in 2 weeks. I chastised myself for binging on fiction and moved back to reading nonfiction books. Recently I wanted some distraction and downloaded The Best of Us. Lots of good things to learn from the viewpoints presented in this one. Can’t wait to start Mother Death. Karen Traviss is an amazing author!

Review #2

The Best of Us audiobook Series Shifters Unbound

The Best of Us (2019) is the first military sci-fi that I’ve read in a while after falling out of the habit. I got bored with too many entries that seemed to confuse a string of fire fights/space battles and/or high body count with a plot. Ms. Traviss has restored my faith in the genre as she has plot galore added to masterful writing. The Best of Us is written solely by Traviss but shares some world building with two other authors in the Galaxy’s Edge universe series of books. Our story opens on a moderately near future earth that has undergone a cataclysmic breakdown as a bioweapon of mysterious antecedents has devastated the food chain wiping out all grain and cereal crop strains across major swaths of earth. Massive population meltdown ensues with only areas that employ ruthless quarantine methods maintaining a precarious existence. One of these is a small town that exists to support a mysterious research center. In recent years a rag tag bunch of military that managed to fight their way out of Baltimore has attached themselves to the town as an extra security force in a world that would be glad to take what they have. Circumstances draw them, the town and the center’s civilian security detachment closer together. All factions are knit together by our lead POV, Solomon, an AI developed decades ago by the research institute’s founder. Solomon was built as a moral AI with only one order, to define, identify and protect the best of humanity. Observing how the various military and quasi military people are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect the civilian population Solomon finds his best and bonds with the the various security detachments even going out on a patrol with them and ending up participating in the book’s sole fire fight. Here lies our plot,Solomon and the military and security elements soon realize their common ground in protecting the inhabitants of their small domain puts them at odds with the determined and ruthless head of the research center who is prepared to sacrifice many of those lives for the ‘greater good’. In depth characterization, superb world building, and the pondering of deeper questions places Ms. Traviss’s work with the best in the field in addition to being a treat to read for this jaded individual.
$4.99 Kindle book price divided by Amazon typical read time of 11 hours, 31 minute= $.43/average hourly reading cost

Review #3

Audiobook The Best of Us by Cris Dukehart

I was a quarter of the way in before I realized the trajectory of the story. I thought there would be unfolding post-apocalyptic shoot outs – survivors vying for resources. The Best of Us is more ambitious. The remnant are looking for a new start on a distant habitable planet. But this begs the question: how do you start over? Or fundamentally: what is the governing principle to organize people in a harmonious manner? Wrap this up within the complex ethical dilemma of “who’s worth saving”. The story goes on to define “the best of us”.

The remnant on Earth wrapped up in this drama consist of three main groups: the corporate types, the farmers, and the soldiers. Wittingly or not, in order to define the best of us the story also unfolds the worst of us. The worst of us are the totalitarian corporate types who think they know everything and pridefully think they know what is best for everyone. The story brilliantly shows this in all its complexity, ambiguity, and humanity. What is the best of us? The story defines it as soldiers who are willing to sacrificially lay down their lives for others. Ms. Traviss shows her storytelling skills here. Deeply satisfying that the story defines the best of us by those who are willing to make sacrifices for others. In the story, the ethos seemed to be confined to soldiers. There’s a hint that the farmer group shares this ethos but the story does not fully develop this. Totalitarians are frightening and disturbing top-down rulers. The best of us are those who make sacrifices for others in their day-to-day lives. Soldiers do this, absolutely, but so do care givers, nurses, teachers, social workers, parents, friends. It’s not confined to an occupation – it’s an ethos that absolutely anyone can adopt – God help us, even politicians and those in corporate governance. Sacrificial living is a bottom up approach for a harmonious society – the interpersonal relations which are the sum total that manifest the City upon a Hill.

Worth pointing out because we all have a real stake in it – this suspense carries through the story and doesn’t let you put it down. Developing this broader ethos would have detracted from the story and made the book tedious, like this review.

Review #4

Audio The Best of Us narrated by Cris Dukehart

Easy to get into the story and characters. The whole theme is not new exactly but is certainly newly done.
My only complaint is the “goodness” of the military folks compared to the rest of ordinary humanity. Having lived and worked with the American military for most of my life, there is no special breed there. They are no more or less dedicated to helping others and defending rights, although the author seems to love this premise. Still, an interesting and enjoyable read – and recommended.

Review #5

Free audio The Best of Us – in the audio player below

The west has fallen. Amongst the ruins like the monasteries of old a community preserves information and has a plan for the future. The problem is that a closed community develops customs and internal fissures that sometimes works against them. Internal politics, backstabbing and a desperate quest to survive. I liked Traviss’s take on who is required to build a civilisation. The best and brightist aren’t always the ones capable. Afterall someone has to empty the rubbish bins and grow the food. The AI was also well done. Not omnipotent and with all the advantages still capable of mistakes. Great characterisation as usual for this author. This entry fills in the early years of the Galaxy’s Edge timeline just before the advent of the hyperspace drive but after the Lighthugger fleet left. The epilogue was awesome and left me eager for the next entry.

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