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loak & Silence

Review #1

loak & Silence audiobook free

I read this when it was an ebook. I was thrilled to find it in print to keep my collection of the series complete. Absolutely love these books and this was not disappointing in the least.

Review #2

loak & Silence audiobook Series Shifters Unbound

Ture doesn’t believe his best friend Zarya when she promises that Darling will save them before they are tortured to death by the League. Because as he would put it, they are almost there. He is shocked when Zarya turns out to be right and Darling does come to save the day along with the Sentella. When Darling takes off his helmet and unmasks his identity to the League he declares intergalactic war on the planet of Phrixia and the League itself. Ture finds himself in recovery, but also falling in love the man that Zarya always tried to set him up with. Maris is no stranger to heartbreak after giving his heart to a man who will never love him (Darling) and being raised by a race that has no concept of love, he refuses to get involved with anybody. But Ture somehow manages to capture Mari’s affection and the one thing he refuses to give to anyone but Darling- his heart. I’m nostalgic. I loved The League series when I was in middle school. It was one of my favorite finds ever in a library. I checked out the first book just because they didn’t have the Dark-Hunter book I wanted to start reading Sherrilyn Kenyon. The League is where I met Kenyon and fell in love with her writing and characters. As an adult, I haven’t revisited her in almost a decade. I randomly decided that it was time to read this novel since I bought it so long ago and have never carried on with the series. I’m kind of kicking myself for that choice because assassins in space is bread on butter for me. It’s so much fun. It’s political intrigue, lots of violence, shocking character deaths, and some sweet romance. The League is a wonderfully crafted idea that actively creates and builds up suspense as well as character development. Writing wise this novel has some pluses, but Kenyon is a romance writer at heart and it shows. However, I flew through this because her writing is readable and a fun-time.

Whimsical Writing Scale: 3.5

Mari and Ture are a fun couple to follow. They are not my favorite of the League couples, but they offer an interesting dynamic especially since Kenyon rarely strays from heterosexual couples. I remember when Darling’s novel was coming out and everyone was shocked to find out he wasn’t a gay man like he had been masquerading as in the novels and was going to have a female partner. Darling’s story is very complex and multifaceted and its interesting to see Mari’s POV and side of things. Mari is the funniest of the mix and Ture can be quite serious, but I enjoyed their dynamic.

Swoon Worthy Scale: Mari-3.75 Ture-4

The Villain- I forgot how much I hated the League. This corporation is a complete masochistic and terror-inducing entity that will kill anybody (including its own) to keep people in line with their political beliefs. It’s one of my favorite aspects of this novella and it made me excited to keep reading the series.

Villain Scale: 5

I love the characters. Kenyon always has such strong and memorable side character. Annachelle had me cracking me up and I was so sad by the way her story played out (but if I remember correctly this happened in Born of Silence). I forgot how much I loved the Sentella guys. They are so funny and they have a strong brotherhood dynamic that is fun to follow and root for. I’m hype to continue following the series. Especially Hauk because I have soft spot for him. My heart was also so happy to see all of the previous books and their families coming together. I also still love Syn and he is still the candle to all my League books because that man just stole my heart and he apparently still has it.

Overall, Cloak & Silence offers a great and fun inclusion to The League series. It’s not the strongest contender because it’s not a full-length novel, but it does pack an emotional punch. I am impressed and shocked that I’m still a fan of The League because I was suspecting that I had outgrown it and would hate it. I’m excited to continue on with the series though because I have a feeling that the books will be a lot of fun and I’m ready to see how this war goes down.

Review #3

Audiobook loak & Silence by Cris Dukehart

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5.0 out of 5 stars Maris Uncloaked, February 23, 2014
By Jaylee C “Jaylee C.” (Washington State)
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This review is from: Cloak & Silence (The League) (Paperback)
I finally got this book from the library. I read it all in one sitting, and put it on the pile to be returned. The next day, I grabbed it off the pile to read again…and did the same thing the day after that. Fourth day, and I broke down and ordered a copy for myself…and I’m still reading this one over again. I can’t say why I am so fascinated with this book. All I know is that I’m hooked on the story of Ture and Maris, and am looking forward to seeing more of them in the future.
While I was glad to learn a bit more about the Phrixians, I do wish the book had been a bit longer, with more background information on both Ture and Maris. I felt as if their histories were just sort of glossed over so that the author could hurry and get the book into print. I also thought there seemed to be quite a bit of repetition on certain aspects of Maris’ past, and to my mind, those repetitions caused the story to lag a bit. The scene with the League coming into the restaurant could have been done with more detail…it could have raised the excitement and the tension of the book, in my opinion.
I would like to see Sherrilyn Kenyon back off on the ‘sweetie’ remarks…those really don’t feel as if they fit the characters the way she originally represented them. But, all in all, Ture and Maris have both paid their dues to the fickle gods of love and fate, and have now gained the rewards that neither thought they would ever have. Now, if Maris can just get his nut case brother out of the picture!!!

Review #4

Audio loak & Silence narrated by Cris Dukehart

This, as with most of Kenyons novels, was extremely entertaining and gave me a bit of everything I had expected in the book. Only real let down was the length – I had been expecting a full novel, but sadly this is a short novel and as a result much of the detail I come to expect in Kenyon novels was missing. Still, it made for a nice few hours read and I plan to re read it in the near future. In terms of the series as a whole, not one of the strongest but not the weakest either I’d say. At the end of the day, I have to give Kenyon kudo’s for writing this at all – a lot of authors would back down from the task, after all same sex relationships are still in heavy debate in most societies. Kenyon writes this well and for those with doubts, I would really suggest you read it even if you’re not comfortable with the relationship itself, it is not over the top and regardless of your knowledge or experience with novels on the topic, I think you’ll enjoy it. Give it a chance even if you normally wouldn’t.

Review #5

Free audio loak & Silence – in the audio player below

I am a major bookworm, and I love Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books. I am also a major fan of MM romance and Sherrilyn is not the first mainstream author to release a MM this year however she IS the first to get it right!! The one thing that shines straight through this book, as with all her books, is the love between the main characters, forget what sex they are these two people have been abandoned by their families and have major trust issues and they slowly learn to lean on each other. If you love the League series READ THIS BOOK, do not let any slight insecurities put you off! And all I can hope is that Caronese law allows same sex marriage and if is doesn’t someone needs to have a word with the Emperor!!!

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