The Ghost and the Graveyard

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The Ghost and the Graveyard

Review #1

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The Ghost and The Graveyard (Knight Games 1) is about Grateful Knight (yeah I totally hated the name at first too but then liked it as it made perfect after I’d finished reading the story) who after a horrible breakup in which her ex pretty much drains her bank account and forces her to start all over ends up moving into an old house owned by her dad. It’s a bit out of town, pretty much by itself and would be the perfect place to start over except for the gigantic graveyard which surrounds it. After nearly wrecking her car at the first sight of a really hot guy she finds out that his name is Rick and he is the cemetery caretaker and she feels an instant connection to him (no, not one of those types of connections but a real one based off of memories that keep popping up in her head of him – memories she doesn’t quite understand) She settles into her house, working on her self esteem and saving her money up to move (the cemetery totally creeps her out) and things should pretty much be getting back to normal for her by now except they’re anything but. She soon comes to learn that her house is haunted by several ghosts, one of who is Logan, another sexy guy….er ghost with his own dark secrets. Soon sparks fly between Grateful, Logan and Rick. She feels bound to Rick by forces greater than herself plus she thinks he’s totally hot but Logan is the perfect roommate. He cooks, he cleans and he’s pretty much quite as a ghost most of the time. There’s only one problem. Neither Rick nor Logan seem to care for the other. Both tell her not to trust the other one and as more and more weird events start to happen around the cemetery and dark forces from an ancient evil make themselves known Grateful finds out more than she bargained for. Will she be up to the challenge? Who will she choose? The Ghost or the Graveyard? You’ll have to read to find out!

I got this one for free and read it a while back and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The Ghost and the Graveyard takes the same old thing: witches, vampires, demons and good vs. evil yet manages to put a brand new twist on them. Most of the story takes place around Grateful’s new house and the cemetery that surrounds it but there’s plenty going on. Basically it was just a fun read, not too heavy nor too light. Not too serious yet serious enough. Not too sexy yet plenty sexy. The book rode a good middle ground for me and I’m looking forward to the next one in the series. I really wasn’t sure if I was going to like this one and quite a few reviews seemed to not care much for the ending but I didn’t feel that it really left everything in the air. The book had a self contained story yet left more for later. It wasn’t near as bad as some books I’ve read that felt more like a prequel than an actual book and just stops right when things are getting good. Sure things are still a bit open and there is more to come but the major storyline wrapped up nicely and I felt it had the proper ending. I’d very much recommend reading this one. Heck, it’s free so if you don’t like it then no harm done but chances are if you’re looking for a bit of the supernatural with a different twist to them then you’ll find this book a refreshing change. I know I did. Give it a shot, sit back and have some fun.

Review #2

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The Ghost And The Graveyard is a paranormal romance and book one of the Knight Games series. Grateful Knight is a nurse who is down on her luck. Her last boyfriend broke her heart and her finances. Her estate agent father offers her rent-free accommodation in a house that he can’t sell. Grateful is not surprised the place lacks buyers, when she opens her curtains to the neighbouring graveyard!

The house has one good point: churchyard warden Rick, her only neighbour, is a gorgeous specimen of a man, who eagerly offers her his friendship, while Grateful also discovers that she is not the only occupant of the house; two ghosts live in the attic.

As the story moves forward, Grateful learns that she has witchy abilities and that she is expected to guard the adjacent graveyard preventing other-worldly beings from leaving it. More shocks tumble out of the storyline involving Rick and Grateful’s past, as she struggles to understand what is happening around her.

I enjoyed this, it was fun and fast-paced and I downloaded book two straight away. I liked the paranormal beings and appreciated that the author put her own twist on some of their abilities. There is a love triangle, which I didn’t mind, but some readers may dislike and the book does contain some fairly explicit sex scenes.

Review #3

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This is my second reading of the book and I am pretty sure that my opinion of it has not really changed over the intervening 3 or so years. It is a frustrating book in so many ways but one that somehow makes me keep reading. So, why re-read? The simple answer is I got the 3rd and 4th books in the series and it is so long since I read the first 2 I thought I’d better start from scratch again.

The most enjoyable bits of the story are definitely the supernatural elements. Grateful’s horror at finding ghosts inhabit her new home is actually quite funny in the way it is handled and her grudging acceptance of them turning to friendship is quite charming. Sadly this is spoilt by an “indecent encounter” with one of them.

We then have the Buffy-esque Hellmouth in the local cemetery which is home to all sorts of supernatural critter; basically if you can think of one then it lives in there and is trying to break through in to the Human world. Grateful’s first experience of the nighttime cemetery is suitable bloody and panic fuelled, sadly her first daytime experience was spoilt by an “indecent encounter” with the caretaker.

The ghosts in her attic and the caretaker of the cemetery are convinced Grateful is the reincarnation of the Monks Hill Witch and that she needs to call upon her power to keep the world, well their small American portion of it, free from all things the go bump in the night. This is quite an interesting tangent to go down and the discovery of a large spellbook – spelltome would be more accurate from the descriptions – and a bone sword seem to support this. The only problem is Grateful needs to decide now if she wants the power as her closest friend is at risk from the Hellmouth occupants. The tension builds up quite nicely and then is spoilt by an “indecent encounter” being necessary in the ritual to take back her power.

Are we getting the hint that there are a lot of “indecent encounters” in this book?

There are a lot of them and some do seem to develop naturally from the situation that Genevieve finds herself in, these I can forgive. Others seem to come at moments where the author has painted herself into a plot device corner and her only way out of it is to distract the characters and the readers with some carnality. I call this the Laurell K Hamilton school of writing.

The actual supernatural beings and plot are quite good but seem to take forever to unfurl as we keep going doing down side routes that appear to have little to do with the tale. I am certain that as this is the first book of a series that they are there for reasons yet to be revealed.

Generally the book is a bit hit and miss and very patchy. However, there is enough going for it that I am interested in finding out what happens next – as evidenced by the fact I have purchased the first 4 books in the series – hope I don’t regret that!

Review #4

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I loved the take on the supernatural. There was a mix of the evil nasty types as well as the sexy hot ones. So far no ‘good vampires’ which is a refreshing change. The women seem strong and kick-@$$ without being completely unfeeling female canines. The love triangle felt a little frustrating for me but I will await the next book before making a judgement. It may be that I don’t fully like either of the men, but it could just be that I need to get to know them better. I mean Rick seems possessive in a slightly irritating, not quite so sexy, way. Maybe because it’s not a protective kind of possessive plus he seems to withhold a lot of information about things Grateful needs to know. Then there is Logan who seemed great to begin with if a little out of reach then he becomes all jealous and pushy rather than just sweet.

All that being said I really enjoyed The Ghost and The Graveyard and would have already bought the next bok if there wasn’t one I’d been waiting some time for I need to save my pennies for. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this slightly new take on the supernatural and will purchase the next book soon. I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the genre.

Review #5

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Just could not get into this book. There’s just nothing there. For starters the girl at 22 is stupid & gullible if she gave all her stuff to her ex – but she’s working as a nurse so is hardly destitute as she would be getting a decent salary to afford rent. Just found the writing to be stilted and shallow – failed to gain or keep my interest. I am bored, bored, bored – made it to chapter 11 but no more. I’m ending my agony and deleting this from my KIndle – sorry but this book is just not for me.

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