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Lt. Leary, Commanding audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Lt. Leary, Commanding audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Lt. Leary, Commanding audiobook free

This is the second entry in the series and now that the cast of characters has been introduced and most of them stay the same with minor additions here and now, the stories get down to business. In this one, we’re introduced to Daniel’s Uncle Stacey Bergen, master astrogator, who’s now owner with Daniel’s father of a shipyard. Though everyone in the RCN hold Stacey in the highest regard for mapping most of space after the mankind returned to space after the Hiatus, Corder Leary has always been contemptuous of his brother-in-law. (It’s to be noted Daniel’s father makes only 2 appearances in any of the books though his sister Deirdre is a more frequent, thought not much, visitor.)

In this story, using some of Stacey’s maps, Daniel finds himself captaining a ship with a passenger on board who may or may not be returning illegally to his home planet. Delos Vaughn was accepted as an “exchange” (read hostage) by the Repuiblic when his father led an uprising on his home planet. Later, his father was assassinated and his cousin, a child, was made leader with an adult advisor. Now, Delos is an adult also, and his return may or may not be to lead another uprising. Daniel in the meantime, is sent on an excursion to the Southern Lands which are supposedly uninhabited, to investigate some ruins there. Unknown to him, the real reason is to get him out of the way while the coup is attempted. He and the crew are left stranded by their driver with no communications so it’s up to Adele and the rest of the Sissie’s crew to discover where their captain has gone and how to get him back while a revolution is happening around them.

There’s plenty of space battles, back-talk, swashbuckling of a sort, and the usual derring-do as Daniel pulls off another daring adventure with the aid of Adele Mundy and his crew plus family retainer Hogg and the serpentine Tovera. The dialogue is a little rough in spots, but hey…these are spacers we’re talking about! It’s an exciting story and Daniel comes out on top in his usual cheeky and cheerful way.

Review #2

Lt. Leary, Commanding audiobook in series RCN Series

I don’t know that you can get anything from a review by me of Mr. Drake’s work. Since I first read Hammer’s Slammers almost 30 years ago, I have found that reading anything by Mr. Drake calms me in a way no other work of fiction does. I’m not even sure “calm” is the correct word, but the whole of existence feels more level when I am reading something by Mr. Drake than when not.

There is action, which I love. There is intrigue, there is suspense, and most of all there are always, in a book by Mr. Drake, people doing all they can to find the best way through a crisis. Some part of that, some part of the way he writes, energizes me in a way nothing else does.

Review #3

Audiobook Lt. Leary, Commanding by David Drake

Wonderful space opera! Excellent and fascinating character development for the genre. The author is forthright in his derivations of previous literature in age of sail and space opera work and actual historical events but understates his excellent creativity that goes well beyond exploring previous literature and events.This is the second book in the series, the first being a free download and highly recommended if you like age of sail, Honorverse, or space opera type work. I immediately purchased this upon reading the last sentence of the first installment, With The Lightnings.

Review #4

Audio Lt. Leary, Commanding narrated by David Drake

The new firm of Leary and Mundy (or is it Mundy and Leary?) are back in space, pounding into shape enemies and allies alike. Great characters at all levels, furious action and Machiavellian intrigue, all delivered at a fine pace and in perfectly apposite language, make for a thoroughly enjoyable and well-crafted tale.

With Earth and the more developed planets destroyed by war, Cinnabar, a third rate power at the time found itself as one of the preeminent powers in this changed universe. Centuries later, Daniel Leary, a scion of one of the great houses of Cinnabar, is also a commander in Cinnibar’s navy and in this story he and his crew find themselves faced with a commander who doesn’t think much of the young lieutenant, a group of pirates who learned to admire him very much, and an Alliance Admiral who barely survived his contact with the lieutenant and his crew.

The general background makes it feel a bit like the ships around the time of Nelson though the general level of tech has aged quite well. Though these books would fall quite happily under the Space Opera banner, there is a degree of character development that’s not always present.

Review #5

Free audio Lt. Leary, Commanding – in the audio player below

I really enjoy this series with its black humour. The way the characters are described and act is rather different from most Sci-Fi space opera, full of faults and character deficiences.
Lt. Leary is a skilled tactician and very able on a ship but needs hidden assistance off it. With his freind Adele Mundy who is generally clumsy but able to break into any information system and a deadly shot as well(Actually a superspy) they deal with unwinnable situations.
This is a sci-fi version of Patrick O’Brians sailing ship sagas. Indeed the spaceships even sail through space with masts and sails to shift them through other universes.

An excellent example of military science fiction. Very readable, not a demanding literary experience, but good fun nontheless. I recomend reading the entire series.

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