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On Scope audiobook

Hi, are you looking for On Scope audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

On Scope audiobook free

Spain is facing financial disaster. They are going to have to solve their monetary woes. The European banks have offered a plan. A group of Muslim bankers offers a plan where no conditions have to be met. The United States opposes this plan. The Muslims a banking are represented by a banking consortium that goes by the name \”Group Of Six\”. The \”Group Of Six\” decides to launch a terrorist attack on the embassy in Barcelona,Spain. This attack is led by Djahib Rebiane. He is the son of one of the members of \”Group Of Six\”.Six Marines are killed as a result of the Terrorist attack on the embassy. The United States decides to assassinate the members of the \”Group Of Six\”. The President decides to use \”Task Force Trident\” to gain revenge. The main assassing of \”Task Force Trident\” is Kyle Swanson. The task force decides to kill Cristobol Jose Bello. The next target selected for attantion is Juan De Lara who is a financier. He falls victim to Swanson\’s killing skills. It is now the group of four. The next member of the \”Group Of Six\” is targeted for assassination in Paris, France.She is a banker(Mercedes Sarra Bourihane) who is also a member of the targeted group. Given the assignment are Beth Ledford(Coastie) and another lady who belongs to \”Task Force Trident\”. They catch up with Bourihane in the restroom of the restaurant. They proceed to shoot her in the heasd three times. These assassinations are causing mass panic in the \”Group of Six\”. All of the members are having to hire additional security to provide them security.The \”Group of Six\” discovers that they have a leak.Djahib Rabiane locates and kills Mannix Dillon. She has a botique brokerage firm that is located on Wall Street. Yanis Rebiane has been giving campaign donations to Senator Jordan Monroe. Monroe is able to provide information that Kyle Swanson is still alive. The finale of this story takes place in Mexico City(Mazatlan) at Beth Ledford\’s wedding. You also have a confrontation between Kyle Swanson. This has been the best book in the series so far. Be sure to read it.


Review #2

On Scope audiobook in series Sniper

Coughlin & Davis combine to entertain the reader with terrorism, treason, and non-stop action. They also provide beautiful descriptions of the main setting in Spain. Even though On Scope is book #7 in the Kyle Swanson series, it can be read as a single book because the authors artfully catch up readers on the life and adventures of the sniper and his associates, who have greater roles in this book. As usual Sir Jeff and Lady Pat provide the loving family for the hard-working special ops folks.


Review #3

Audiobook On Scope by Donald A. Davis Jack Coughlin

I chose this rating because it is a great read by a master story teller and it just flows from page to page, so finding anything to criticize negative about this wonderful read Will not be done by me. I recommend this book to all those who like a mystery, those who like intrigue, espionage, thrilling story telling this book is for you. As I say with much respect to this writer you can spread the words so well from page to page that reading other authors in between your stories is a bit of a let down, so I eagerly awaiting your next master piece.


Review #4

Audio On Scope narrated by Luke Daniels

Little disappointed in this one. I\’ve read the entire series and what starts out as a lightning quick response and retribution to a terrorist attack turns into a slow, grinding second half of the book. As usual the banter and team involvement is good and always key to the story line, but this seemed more like a half-hearted attempt to end the series related to task force. Hopefully we\’ll see more stories in the future, but with more developed story lines and details.


Review #5

Free audio On Scope – in the audio player below

The time has come to go behind the curtain to deal with the men and women that set up the terrorist with funds and equipment. No longer are the people off limits who pull the strings and levers because they only believe they are right and know what\’s best for a country. Now those behind the curtain are seeing what the bulls eye feels like on their own back for once.


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