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Time to Kill audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Time to Kill audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Time to Kill audiobook free

Others will probably offer a better synopsis of the story. Simply put Egypt in turmoil, Iranian Army attempting to slide their way into place on Egyptian soil to control the Suez Canal and thus control oil traffic, shipping traffic and put the stranglehold on the Great Satan. As in other books in the series our focus is on Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson, Marine Corp Sniper and all around military specialist and how he finds himself in the middle of the trouble. For those who have read other novels in the series this book is similar. Reasonable back story is included if you are starting the series here but I would recommend starting from the beginning. This novel has less of the sniper type story seen elsewhere in the series. It is more what happens when an expert military man finds himself behind enemy lines and how one highly trained man can find so many ways to throw wrenches in the gears of an invading force. Story is reasonable, characters while not fleshed out dramatically have reasonable back story and you won\’t find yourself having to suspend reality. Well, not as extremely as other adventure series may ask you to suspend disbelief. If you really want to understand Kyle or the other members of Trident then definitely start with previous books. If you are looking for a good military fiction then you should enjoy this one. If you have read other books in the series this is a good continuation of the series and you should enjoy it.


Review #2

Time to Kill audiobook in series Sniper

Even though Time to Kill is #6 in the Kyle Swanson series, Coughlin & Davis have made it independent of the previous five, all of which I have read and liked. The writing is excellent with literary allusions and impeccable grammar, but what matters is the fast-paced plot and Kyle Swanson\’s heroic actions.Time to Kill is a fictional account of the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran\’s attempt to take over Egypt during the post-Mubarek era. I learn a lot about each geographic setting Coughlin portrays as well as the recent history he focuses on.


Review #3

Audiobook Time to Kill by Donald A. Davis Jack Coughlin

I am easily confused about developments in the Middle East and don\’t pretend to grasp how issues that are so obvious are so difficult to resolve. Though a work of fiction, this book picked up momentum and proved to be a page-turner. I regard the character of GySgt. Swanson as a \”larger than life\”, a bit of a super-Marine given a wide latitude to make unilateral decisions…and that, in my experience as a Marine, is atypical among SNCOs because the requirement for communication and accountability is inescapable, but this situation is unique and extreme. Briefly, I\’d recommend it for others but it develops as a bit of a swashbuckling tale so, if you are a stickler for credibility, even in fiction, this may be a little difficult to readily digest. Good sea story.


Review #4

Audio Time to Kill narrated by Luke Daniels

Like the Jack Reacher novels, Kyle Swanson is a great character, but becoming a bit too predictable. I still look forward to each release, but I\’m not sure I\’d be heartbroken if the series stopped here. Earlier books seemed more tech based (similar to Clancy\’s stories,) and I really like that level of detail. These are almost all character based in the last 3-4 stories. I still enjoy reading about Swanson\’s escapades, but it doesn\’t seem that the same level of effort is going into the background and detail.


Review #5

Free audio Time to Kill – in the audio player below

Enjoy al the Kyle Swanson books and wish they were being released more frequently; the worst part is getting to the last chapter knowing the adventure is about over till Jack write another one; Jack\’s own story of his time serving as Marine is also an excellent read and how I learned about Jack years ago; thank you so much for the pleasure I have had and the information provided that is so applicable in the world today, every story sounds like something that is going on in the world and parts of it that most all people will never know it happened.


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