Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling #9)

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Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling #9) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling #9) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.



Review #1

Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling #9) audiobook free

I wasn\’t sure I was going to like this one. The dominant females get on my nerves. I finally liked Mercy in book 6 but it took a while. I was nervous that Indigo would never win me over. It did take a while for me to like her. A strong character, she\’s a great lieutenant for Snow Dancer pack but she can be mean. She dismissed Drew from a possible lover because of his age and his less dominance in the pack hierarchy. Her own family experience had taught her such pairing would never work. And it took a lot to get her to consider she was wrong. Drew is comfortable in his own skin. The pack tracker and more importantly the eyes and ears of the alpha, charming Drew is used to getting what he wants. And what he wants is Indigo. I totally fell for Drew. He doesn\’t try to change who he is to better appeal to Indigo, instead he uses his strengths and patience to convince her to give them a shot. All the while these two are dancing around each other, there is someone threatening the Snow Dancers. As Hawke deals with the problems, favorites from previous books join the story. Judd from book 3 continues to be a favorite of mine and his magic TK skills show up in this one. The overarching story continues as the Psy counsel goes through some dramatic changes. And I continue to be obsessed with this series. I enjoyed this one so much. Drew is the biggest reason. And as he struggled, I hurt for him. To me, that\’s a sign of a great author – involving my emotions. Not only was I hurting and scared for him at times but his dominant passion was fanning my own flames. This series is always HOT. Love this world. Love the writing. Love the characters. Love the series. Still obsessed and itching for more.


Review #2

Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling #9) audiobook streamming online

Okay so Indigo is only 4 years older than Andrew, but in her opinion you\’d think that gap was wider. So this book has that younger-man-seeks-older-woman tone throughout, including the playfulness of the young male hot for teacher. This one is one of my favorites, ranking in the upper half of the series. Indigo is a lot like Mercy (from book 6) in that she\’s a lone female in the upper ranks and has no male in sight. Andrew is a laid-back tracker outside the ranking system and that has Indigo completely confused, especially since she trained him once upon a time. Finally, a book where the guy isn\’t all stalker and has a more playful attitude. Get it now.


Review #3

Audiobook Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling #9) by Nalini Singh

This was a great book, but also a little bit disappointing. Indigo is one of my favorite characters, her strength as being a dominant female I expected there to be a little bit more excitement and danger added into this book. As far as the romance goes Nalini Singh still has that going. I love the Psy – Changeling series I feel sometimes that the authors just hit a blank wall and lose a little bit of their creativity when they run a series that goes on forever. Nalini has this way to keep you interested and can\’t wait to listen to the next book.


Review #4

Audio Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling #9) narrated by Angela Dawe

Nalini Singh does it again, Her Psy-changling world is quite creative. I will be sad when I have to wait longer to get them since she only has two more out that I haven\’t read.


Review #5

Free audio Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling #9) – in the audio player below

Well, that was interesting things are heating up with the Psy and the Changelings and it isnt what you would have expected at the beginning of the series. I am happy things are changing. But I think the worst is yet to come. Drew and Indys relationship is interesting in the fact that they both have to give to get. And that isnt a bad thing but learning what both their animals need and want is a balance. I really enjoyed another dominant female, and even though Drew isnt her equal yet doesnt mean he couldnt be with time. I am enjoying the heck out of this series and I cant wait to jump into the next book HAWK here I come!


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