Red, White & Royal Blue

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Red, White & Royal Blue is an LGBTQ+ romance novel. It is written by Casey McQuiston. She is an excellent novelist of romance. The subject book is her debut novel which also became the bestselling author. One Last Stop is her other novel which is a beautiful romantic comedy and highly recommended.

Ramon de Ocampo is the narrator of this book. It was not a very good performance even in the third person narrative. This is a kind of book which will be much more successful if there is a full cast of characters.

Red, White & Royal Blue

Alex Claremont-Diaz was cast as the American equivalent of charismatic, handsome, genius, and young royal. All this happened when her mom became the president of the USA. There was one definite problem here as Alex Claremont-Diaz has a beef along with henry, who is the real prince. When the tabloids clicked a picture that had the altercation of bot Alex and Henry, then it considerably altered the relations of US and UK.

A plan was devised for the damage control that involved the head of the states along with the royal families and the other handlers. All these arrangements were staging a kind of a truce amid both the rivals. The thing that first started as a fake friendship gets much deeper, stronger, and dangerous as well. This wasn’t something that Henry or Alex could have imagined.

The subject novel has got all the ingredients to make it a hit novel. It is quite a different and fresh novel. It’s fun and comes with a wonderful message related to inclusiveness. The narration however was the only real downside of this novel.

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