Reunion in Death

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Reunion in Death Audiobook

Reunion in Death is a mystery thriller novel. It is the 14th chapter of In Death novel series. The book is written by J. D. Robb. She is an outstanding novelist of mystery thriller novels which she has proven through this long series. The audience loved her Conspiracy in Death novel for its excellent storyline. On top of that, her Forgotten in Death novel also got a lot of appreciation from the audience.

The narration of this chapter is done by Susan Ericksen. It was a job well done by her as the characters in her voice sounded beautiful and pleasant to the ears. Her voice truly contributed to the success of this chapter and further glorifying the story.

Reunion in Death

The time was 7:30 PM exactly when Walter Pettibone arrived back home and seeing more than a hundred friends and family members screaming in joy, ‘Surprise’. It was Walter’s birthday. He knew about the planned party for a week but the actual surprise is still not revealed. At exactly 8:45 PM, a lady with emerald eyes provided him with a glass of champagne. One sip down and he was dead.

Julie Dockport was the name of that woman. Nobody had any idea at that party who she was. But, Lt. Eve Dallas knew her for quite a week. She was the one responsible for her incarceration a decade ago. She was released on good behavior. She has some bad intentions again and it looks like that she wants to meet Eve once again.

Free Audiobook Reunion in Death

The side plot of this novel with Roarke was just so amazing. For some, it was more enjoyable than the main murder case. This is now becoming a regular thing in the In Death novel series.

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