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Revealing the Dragons audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Revealing the Dragons  audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Revealing the Dragons audiobook free

This was a cute short read to continue the series. I normally skip these in series however with the over arching story here I figured there would be info I needed in this book. Glad I picked it up before continuing

Another great story! It gives us a look at the work Melanie has done! And it also gives us a glimpse of the next story that will come next! It’s a great short story and I really enjoyed this book!!!

Review #2

Revealing the Dragons series Stonefire Dragons

Revealing the Dragons
I just love all the characters in Revealing the Dragons from Melanie and Tristan, to his sister
Arabella and let not leave out Bram and his mate. Well I know that I didn’t start this off right but this was very throughout series.
Well now that Melanie has release her book to only find out more join in the fight to keeping to make sure it’s known dragons are not safe but she proving they are. This story brings some uproars but they all comes to aid each other.
Jessie Donovan shown in her writing things that happens in our everyday life through her writing. She let my imagination run crazy with her and how the dragons doesn’t help lol.
You’re love the entire series if you have not already gotten it,it’s a must read!

Review #3

Audiobook Revealing the Dragons by Jessie Donovan

The continuation of Melanie and Tristan’s story. The twins are almost six months old and Mel is concerned for their future and all dragon shifter children. She also wants to see her family. Her book is written, and about to be published. She wants to change human opinion and get rid of the system that got her her mate. Will she succeed in any of her endeavors? Will she ever be able to have her brother, now illness free due to the dragon’s blood she traded herself for? Will her children ever know their grandparents? Then read this installment of the Stonefire Dragons! You won’t be sorry if you do and you’ll kick yourself if you don’t!

Review #4

Audio Revealing the Dragons narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies

This is a weird way for Dragons an humans to live. Mel is trying to fix it to make it easier for them to interact with each other. Selfishly so she can see her family and for them to know her children and mate. But also for their children’s future. All around a good thing for both sides. So far 2 Dragonmen have found their true mates in human women but if it wasn’t for fate working overtime they may have never met. If the gates would open between these two lands maybe more mates could easily find each other. So we have a book that Mel wrote that causes an uproar for those who feel for Dragons an those who fear Dragons.

Review #5

Free audio Revealing the Dragons – in the audio player below

J.Donovan created the perfect balance of conflict/solution surrounding Mel’s book release. There was such a believable, real world feel, with press conferences/interviews, the stress she was under to produce a product that she hoped would improve relations between dragon-shifters and humans, all while raising her adorable twins and being married to alpha dragonman Tristan. Melanie is a women on a mission! Loved revisiting past couples from the series, and glimpses of new couples to come. A definite must read 🙂

Another awesome book in the Stonefire Dragon series. This is not a stand alone, you will want to read the other books that came before this to understand the background on how Melanie and Tristan got together and why she wrote the book.
I bought this book the day it was released, I have bought and read the earlier books by Donovan and fell in love with the Stonefire Dragons. Jessie Donovan has brought to life and romance to dragonmen in her Stonefire Dragon series. This book is a sweet story about how Melanie and the Stonefire Dragons stepped up to change the world’s opinion of Dragons.
I won’t give away the story, but as I read this book I all ready knew the characters from prior books and felt like this book gave me more insight into them and the dragon world. When Melanie said that she would change the world for her children, I felt like I understood her and could relate to her struggle. Revealing the Dragons was all about change for the characters. Dragon society will never be the same. I can’t wait for the next Stonefire Dragon book and I hear there is a plan for another clan of dragons to have their own series. Donovan is such a great storyteller this could easily become epic in the paranormal romance genre.
There are several hot, steamy scenes between Melanie and Tristan….you have been warned.

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