Shadowed Souls

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Shadow Souls audio is a book written by Jim Butcher. He became part of it as an Editor along with the editorial services of Kerrie L. Hughes. The book is a short chapter out of The Dresden Files novel series which became Jim’s real identification in the literary world. His best books include the likes of Storm Front and Fool Moon.

The narration for this chapter includes a diverse cast. Jim Butcher and Julia Whelan led it with sheer brilliance and the audience enjoyed it thoroughly.

Shadowed Souls audiobook free

In the first Cold Case chapter, the Winter lady, Molly Carpenter, who is an apprentice of Harry is supposed to collect a tribute given by the Fae colony. She discovered that sometimes even when you are a good girl. You need to be bad.

The Sleepover story is another worth mentioning tale here where the author Seanan McGuire shares a tale of the kidnapping of Elsie Harington. She was abducted by some desperate teenage boys group. The kidnapping was done for nothing weird at all. The group of boys only want her to rescue a girl from the boogeyman. That was no biggie at all.

Rob Thurman’s story includes the heroics of Caliban Leandros. He goes down memory lane to deal with some nightmarish and some overdue.

Shadowed Souls has multiple stories that came under the tag of Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files. People were expecting that it will be a continuation of the same brilliant series by the author. The first chapter written by Jim Butcher proved to be exactly that. But, the other chapters were not much up to the mark. At least, a good majority of them.

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