Side Jobs Stories from the Dresden Files

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Side Jobs Stories from the Dresden Files audio

Jim Butcher is a brilliant author and he has got plenty of books published to prove his worth. This could be further endorsed through his Storm Front and Peace Talks novels that are nothing short of exceptional.  Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files is another magnificent addition to his archives. The book is a half or a short chapter out of his The Dresden Files series. It is an amazing series where his work led him to global fame. The subject short novel is horror fiction.

James Marsters has done the narration of the subject novel. It turned out to be a fantastic one. The audience loves to have him continue further in the series with his powerful narration.

Side Jobs Stories from the Dresden Files audiobook free

Harry is one of the best and probably the only professional wizard in the phonebook of Chicago. He is approached by the Chicago PD very often or whenever they have some serious cases that exceed moral capabilities.

The regular everyday world is full of so many magical and weird things. The majority of such things don’t go well with the people. Harry despite all his precautions found himself deteriorating from crisis to drama. It was with his strange and horrifying dealing with the supernatural world. You may also call it an occupational hazard. He was seen unfailingly at the wrong or the unwanted side of the fae, werewolf, and vampire. This is where he maximized his very own special powers.

This short chapter is quite inspiring and reading it as a standalone chapter would give you a good insight into the larger series. You will then be drawn to start listening to this chapter from its very first chapter.

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