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Spirit of Steamboat audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Spirit of Steamboat audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Spirit of Steamboat audiobook free

It’s 1988 and a girl suffering from serious burns must be transported from Durant to Denver for treatment. There’s an old B-25 two engine prop job called Steamboat, a pilot who flew a plane like this in WWII, and a raging Wyoming winter storm. The pilot is none other than Lucian Connally, then sheriff of Absoroka County. Together with his deputy, Walt Longmire, and a woman pilot Lucian likes to call Toots, they undertake this hazardous mission to save the girl’s life.
It’s an exciting and tension-filled story. It’s also ironic in the sense that the girl being flown to Denver is Japanese and this particular plane was part of Jimmy Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo back in 1942. There’s also an explanation of the plane’s name of Steamboat; it’s not the Colorado town but the name of a famous bronco who later becomes the emblem that adorns Wyoming’s license plates. And this old plane bucks and kicks like an ornery nag all the way.
There’s a bonus to this book, a short story at the end called Old Indian Trick. It’s not about Walt’s friend, Henry Standing Bear, but an older fellow named Lonnie Little Bird. Lonnie uses his Indian savvy to help Walt solve a crime in a record short time.

Review #2

Spirit of Steamboat series Walt Longmire

For potential buyers of this hardcover book, be warned, this is NOT a full size Longmire mystery, and really not a mystery at all. However this is not a criticism but an attempt to inform any future readers of this fact. Those many whiners complaining about the price and the small size clearly know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Ten dollars of Craig Johnson is worth $25 of many contemporary authors who’ve wasted my time with 700 page life sapping bores.

A misinformed 1-star reviewer says this is a “toss-off” Christmas story that might appeal to “B-42” buffs. Not sure how he confused the experimental XB-42/42A for the legendary B-25 Mitchell bomber. The nomenclature of the aircraft is stated multiple times in the book as well as it’s connection to the Doolittle Raiders and their famous attack on Tokyo. He’d do well to read Jimmy Doolittle’s autobiography; “I Could Never Be So Lucky Again” and to further appreciate the sacrifice of our WWII airmen I recommend “Masters of the Air” by Donald Miller.

Review #3

Audiobook Spirit of Steamboat by Craig Johnson

This is a nice little novella featuring Walt Longmire, Lucian Connally, a vintage B-25 bomber (we learn, unless I missed it in a prior book, that Lucian was on the Doolittle Raid), a young girl that must get to Denver for lifesaving medical care and a snowstorm that knocks everything down in Wyoming and northern Colorado.

Walt and Lucian of course end up flying the old bomber and their young girl through conditions in which no one should be airborne. Even though you know Walt’s not going down, the suspense is maintained, and the tight little story tense and well paced. A nice quick read.

Review #4

Audio Spirit of Steamboat narrated by George Guidall

This is a very different Longmire book in that the whole thing takes part in an old 2nd world war plane attempting to fly through a vicious snowstorm to save the life of a young girl. I have to say that the story Is more than a little farfetched. However it is fiction after all and Craig Johnson really knows how to ramp the tension up. Certainly grabs your attention from first to last and I read it in one day. Loved it as I have the Longmire books.

Review #5

Free audio Spirit of Steamboat – in the audio player below

This story takes place when Walt had not long been elected sheriff. Most of the series books take place over a short time scale and this one is all about a mercy flight being recounted after the arrival of a Japanese woman to see Lucien. The story line is a little weak based on previous books but still very readable with most of the action taking place in an old WWII plain in a really bad snowstorm, as usual Craig Johnson keeps up the pace. I use a Kindle so I am not always aware of how far I am into the story, this one took me three evenings to read. Not the best but well worth reading and it would nice to have more stories from Walt’s early days.

Spirit of Steamboat is a fantastic story. I found it really exciting even though I knew everyone survived, as the character Walt Longmire is relating something that happened in the past! I meant to try to make the book last but in the end I couldn’t put it down. I felt it was a very uplifting story & was both happy & sad when I had finished reading it; sad because I had read it so fast & it was over. I will be reading it again just as I am with all my Walt Longmire books. If you are a fan of Longmire (or even if you haven’t read one of these books before) & you haven’t read this book I would highly recommend it.

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