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Sprinkle with Murder audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Sprinkle with Murder audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Sprinkle with Murder audiobook free

I have been sort of hooked on cozy mysteries for sometime now, having finally taken my wife’s advice and recommendations. (After all these years, you would think I would learn). They are a wonderful way to relax and I am always on the search for a new book, series or author. I think I may have struck a good vein with this Cupcake Bakery Series.

This was the first book written by author Jenn McKinlay and I must say she did a bang-up job on it. This series has now become quite popular and well known, and there are several reasons for this…more about that later.

Briefly summarized, this is the story of two young ladies who have opened up their own bakery with the backing of their old high school friend, which specializes in cupcakes. The book centers on the bakery and the three friends. In this story, Tate, the male member of the threesome, is about to be married and married to a lady who is pretty much hated by everyone, including Mel and Angie our two heroines. The two girls want to be supportive but my goodness is in hard. Their friend and partner have asked the two girls to bake cupcakes for the wedding (An important job as this wedding is to be one of the big social events of the year and will be great for business), but in dealing with the new blushing bride the two amateur sleuths learn some not so nice characteristics of their friends future wife.

Throw in a rather manic and crazed lady who wants them out of business as she owns a competitive bake shop, an overly protective and intrusive mother and a couple of love interests and you have a pretty good story going. But wait! Add a murder, for which Mel is being blamed, and you have the makings of an ideal cozy. Least you get tired of cupcakes (I cannot imagine) the author has thrown in a small aside as the three friends are old movie buffs and we are treated to lines form these old movies which the author has sprinkled around in her dialog between the three friends. I find this delightful.

As with most books within this genre, the mystery is not all that mysterious and most readers will be able to pretty well figure out “who done it” before the end of the book. As to why he/she or they did it…well, that is a bit more complex. I really don’t read these things for the mystery though, so that is fine with me.

The author has done a very good job in developing her characters and we find two rather funny and feisty young ladies caught up in circumstances beyond their control. The dialog (which is actually a bit surprising for a first time author) is very well done and realistic. The plot is doable and makes sense and becomes more and more developed as the story moves along…and it does move…at a very nice clip.

There is not an overly abundant amount of violence and the language is nice and mild which is traditional for this type of book. Other than flirting, speculation and brief kisses, do not look to this work for any sex scenes…it is a part of this genre.

It is interesting to note when you scan the ratings of the other books in this series that they get higher and higher which show that I am in for some good reading down the road. I understand that this author is starting a new series which centers around libraries…I cannot wait!

Review #2

Sprinkle with Murder audiobook Series Cupcake Bakery Mystery

“Sprinkle With Murder” was my first encounter with this author, and the book is a lot of fun. The characters are good — heroine, Mel, and her partner, Angie, who own a cupcake business in Scottsdale (don’t read many books set in the southwest). Their third partner is longtime friend, Tate, who is rich and about to be married to the nastiest bridezilla (is that an oxymoron?). Naturally, bride-to-be is murdered. Mel is a suspect. So is the ex-fiance. Lots of secondary characters, possible suspects galore, and delectable sounding cupcakes. While the mystery is okay, this book falls a little short — possibly because of its short length. Needed something more. What, I’m not sure. But am willing to read at least one more in the series because I want to spend more time at the cupcake place and hang out with some pleasant, goofy people.

Review #3

Audiobook Sprinkle with Murder by Jenn McKinlay

Mel’s dream has come true. Along with Angie, one of her best friends, she has opened a cupcake bakery in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. Business is taking off, so much so that the owner of a general bakery across town has taken to driving by multiple times a day to see how business is going.

The only dark cloud in Mel’s world is her other best friend Tate. Tate is engaged to Christie, a horrid woman who is selfish and demanding, to be charitable. So it’s hardly surprising when Mel arrives to an early morning meeting with Christie to find Christie dead. But when the police rule it murder and quickly start looking at Mel as the killer, she must jump into action to clear her name and save her business. Can she do it?

I’ve started hearing great things about this series, so I finally gave in and started it. The plot was good, with a strong start and clues and red herrings that kept me confused until the end. The characters were very strong as well, and I grew to like them over the course of the book. There are some interesting threads started in this book I can’t wait to see how are developed in future books. I can certainly see how the series would grow into a favorite, but it felt a bit too much like a typical first book to me to truly grab me right away.

Having said that, I certainly enjoyed the book and already have book 2 waiting in the wings. I have a feeling I’ll be visiting Mel again very soon.

Review #4

Audio Sprinkle with Murder narrated by Susan Boyce

A delightful story. Friends, cupcakes and of course, murder. Cupcake recipes included in the book as well. Looking forward to read rest of the books in the series. I like cozies, they are one of my favorite winter reads, and this is an okay series. Not great but definitely good enough, serves its purpose quite well. Comfort reading.

Review #5

Free audio Sprinkle with Murder – in the audio player below

I find that sometimes the first book in a series is awkward and clunky as the author tries to cram everything in and set up the readers for the rest of the series. No so in this case. This was a fun read. The main characters are all really, really likeable. The story is just complex enough to keep you guessing. Kind of typical of these murder/mystery books with the heroine owning her own bakery or yarn shop or antique store, but I like these so it works for me. 🙂 Being super picky and taking off one star because I found the quirk the main characters have of throwing old movie quotes at one another was too frequent and quickly went from fun to annoying and the included recipes were pretty mundane and just simply vanilla or chocolate despite the fancy names. Again, that’s being super picky. I will definitely read more of this series.

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