The 6th Target

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The 6th Target

Review #1

The 6th Target audiobook free

What can I say? I love James Patterson. He never disappoints. I never hesitate to buy one of his books. I have no doubt that I’ll enjoy it.

Review #2

The 6th Target audiobook Series Women’s Murder Club

James Patterson has continued to bring us the Woman’s Murder Club series in, The 6th Target. A book about children that are kidnapped from wealthy parents. But why if there is not a ransom for these children? San Francisco’s, Claire Washburn is shot while the ferry she is on along with her son. The shooter has also killed others on the ferry from Marin County to SF. Fred Brinkley, is he insane or is he very clever? Here is a killer that turns himself in to Lt. Lindsay Boxer, soon to be Sgt. Boxer, of SFPD’s Homicide division. Is Washburn going to live? But wait just a minute, Boxer is also assigned to investigate these missing children. There are similar cases across the county plus Canada. Is there a connection with the office that hires the baby sitters some how connected? You will find this a good read! Read this thriller as Boxer and her fellow inspectors grind out the facts. Read just how they begin to put the pieces together to learn that Brinkley is very, very smart. Too smart perhaps? Is the weak link in the child abduction cases the husband? Read one more thriller to learn just how Boxer and Jacobi put these pieces together. Recommended for the mature reader. Violence and sexual content. DP, Castro Valley, CA.

Review #3

Audiobook The 6th Target by James Patterson

I liked the way 3 different stories were told but with the same theme. Very well written. I am enjoying this series very much. Looking forward reading the next book.

Review #4

Audio The 6th Target narrated by Carolyn McCormick

This has been the best of the series so far. But unfortunately I feel like Lindsey needs psychological help as she seems to be a bit bipolar. She doesn’t want the be a LT then when she gets what she wants and is no longer incharge but still keeps the same pay she’s not sure that’s what she wants.

Review #5

Free audio The 6th Target – in the audio player below

There was a lot going on in this book. Usually we have one main case and then personal life stuff, but this was kind of all over the place. I’m rereading the series but I stopped at number 8 (because 9 hadn’t been released yet) and I’m remembering that it got weird. I’ll power on! Lol

less simultaneously. The first is a shooting in which Claire is injured and the subsequent courtroom drama featuring Yuki as the prosecutor; the second is a kidnapping featuring Lyndsay and her new partner in a more police-procedural storyline; and the third is a series of assaults/attempted murders/completed murder at Cindy’s apartment building, (also primarily featuring Lyndsay, and also more of a procedural story).

None of these stories is particularly compelling; possibly the fact that the book is divided among them prevented the authors from developing any one of them into a gripping drama of its own, with the kinds of surprising twists and turns that mark a good procedural, courtroom drama, or mystery. As was the case in the last book in the series, character development is minimal, limited primarily to a new wrinkle in Lindsay’s love life.

All that said, however, the book was a pleasant read, with the storylines somehow kept unmuddled and the pacing fairly quick. The friendship among the women continues to be highlighted, which continues to make this series a rarity. So a good airplane or beach read – unchallenging but engaging enough to keep boredom at bay for a few hours.

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