1st to Die: Women’s Murder Club

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1st to Die: Women’s Murder Club

Review #1

1st to Die: Women’s Murder Club audiobook free

Don’t know why I haven’t gotten to this series before now since I’m a diehard James Patterson fan. I really liked the premise of four women trying to solve the murders. It’s done in a very respectful way as well, no gratuitous female BS. The bride and groom killer is targeting newlyweds and the clues are laid out in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat. You’re rooting for the cops when the solve comes and then a big twist. A heartbreak at the end and then another twist. Of course now I will move on to #2 of the series.

Review #2

1st to Die: Women’s Murder Club audiobook Series Women’s Murder Club

I liked all the twist and turns that kept me reading long into the night. The ending was magnificent. I didn’t like the fact that Raliegh died.

Review #3

Audiobook 1st to Die: Women’s Murder Club by James Patterson

I’ve gone to the beginning of the Murder Club. I reviewed a later book in the series first, not realising it was part of a series. I loved it. It goes to show that you can read each novel as an individual text, or read the series. I’m glad I’ve done it.
It will be great to follow Lyndsay’s life.
I’m not a spoiler but I like to put my thought together. I also listen as well as read the books. This can be counter productive at times with the narrator changing or missing out a word. It happens in this book, but not often.
I’m sorry to say I was disappointed with the narrator this time. Too close to the mic while reading. The watery, sticky noises our mouths make could be heard. In saying that the narration was great. A beautiful voice, rich and on point. Pace and expression, heart felt emotions kept me listening.
So, a winner and a must read for those who enjoy well written, descriptive books. It’s James Patterson all the way.

Review #4

Audio 1st to Die: Women’s Murder Club narrated by Suzanne Toren

I decided to read James Patterson as I am am avid reader of crime fiction over many decades. I wondered if I was missing something as he had written so many books. I will say now – I was not missing anything.
Started ok and was easy reading but about half way through I began to wish it would end. Ridiculous plot which was easy to predict and horrible portrayal of ‘womens friendship’ – the sort of friendship I am not even sure exists. I thought it showed women as unprofessional, silly females who could not trust male colleagues to get it right.
The ‘romance’ angle was romantic fiction at its worst and really cliched and cringe worthy. Without spoiling the story for those who do bother to read it I predicted the way it would turn out. Total BS. I am not sure why the main character had the illness, it added nothing to the book except to maybe bolster a pathetically weak story. I have tried this author and crossed him off my list. Too much good writing out there to bother with any more of this.

Review #5

Free audio 1st to Die: Women’s Murder Club – in the audio player below

Very very good book, but why did James Patterson have our Lindsey have a Medical Condition, sometimes we had whole chapters given over to her afternoon appointment or whenever, it detracted from the main story, an oldish 007 book I had to stop reading due to me being bored telling us about the villains girlfriend, James why you could not flesh out John Rayleigh some is beyond me and a missed opportunity. There is several twists in the last 30 or so pages(Do not leave reviews till the end of the Book cos you never know what is coming). Some chapters were only 2 pages long and then it just carries on who edited this book? Just started reading the sequel which I am glad does not carry on after the first book, but James you have now done 21 Women’s Murder Club books don’t you think it is now time for the series to end?

Well this is my first one of James Patterson. Amazon has asked me to review it even though I have still got about 30 pages left on my Kindle. That probably says it all doesn’t it. I have got that far and it is so silly I cannot bother to finish it yet. Do women really behave like that, when they all meet up, and feel so down trodden by men that they have to form little clubs. I was looking forward to this series after reading rave reviews. Unfortunately I have ordered the next two in series, so will try them. I will let you know how I get on. Don’t forget I am hypercritical and am always looking for something that is as good as; Michael Connelly, Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson, Kate Atkinson. Peter James books are also better than this – even though they are a bit far fetched. The arrival of an earthquake in this book to help the plot along illustrates Patterson’s lack of proper thought processes to deliver an original plot.

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