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The Mistborn series told us about the adventures of a person who was unaware of his true potential until the day he was imprisoned by the cruel king of the land. From there on the series and the war started which was finally won by the band of heroes led by the Mistborn.

But that is now a thing of the past, the people of the land have continued progressing and prospering in their way. Magic is not a source which is used by the people for their everyday work rather they depend more on technology and the form of energy which they call electricity.

THE BANDS OF MOURNING audiobook free

After a span of three hundred years, most of the people even don’t believe that magical creatures and magical powers existed on the land known as Scadrial. One thing should be kept in mind during this novel i.e it is not on the pattern of Rhythm of War and The Way of Kings. Those novels were on war and this one unlocks the old mysteries. Among the people of the land there exist some groups who still look for the old magical artifacts which possess unimaginable powers. The Bands of Mourning are the chief target of these groups.

These bands are said to have all the powers which Lord Ruler enjoyed during his lifetime. Wearing them gives the person control over things he has never imagined in life. Waxillium is one of those kinds of a researcher who is looking for the bands by following the clues left by his uncle. Brandon Sanderson introduces the organization known as “The Set” here against Wax to make the story more interesting. Michael Kramer’s narration also raises the interest of the old fans because the narrator has been with the series for some time now.

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