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The Western Star audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Western Star audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

The Western Star audiobook free

This story starts out well..I love the juxtaposition between old and new, and learning about the train ride with the sheriffs. but then!!! OUCH OUCH OUCH. Just as the story is about to wrap up, the author throws in a ridiculous wrench…referring to a character I doubt anyone will remember….and then adding insult to injury, never finishes the story. He makes us wait until his next book. SORRY, ,Craig.! You used to write very compelling books that ended at the ending. Now you’re pumping your franchise and hoping we will wait until the next book. BAH Adding insult to injury, Vic and Henry disappear. Walt keeps hugging his grandchild and feeling stupid. This book is a terrible read. I think the television franchise is getting to you in a very bad way.

Review #2

The Western Star series Walt Longmire

First, I love love love the whole Longmire series, and I did really enjoy reading this. I loved the atmosphere and narrative of the mystery on the train, as well as learning a little more about the young Walt, and his early days with his wife and as a deputy. And I liked the politics of the present day story, and how the two stories came together at the end to explain why the Western Star is so personal for Walt. And I loved how his daughter has grown into an adult and a supportive ally for her dad. Despite my reservations (below), I still have to give this one five stars, because my least favorite Walt Longmire book is still better than most other books.

Unfortunately I had some reservations about the plot. Here are some things that just didn’t ring true:
– Is it really possible that a governor would release a serial killer who killed 6 women and several sheriffs and there would be no outcry??? No one would have ANY reservations about that???? The press would fully support it????
– The villain on the train seemed pretty contrived. I won’t say more than that, so as not to give away the culprit, but none of that person’s actions rang true to me, from being on the train in the first place to the exciting climax. (The bit with Walt’s wife was good, though.)
– The end seemed contrived. Would a powerful international cartel really recruit a weak dying serial killer to do their work? Hard to believe.
– The early relationship between Walt and Lucian didn’t seem right, based on what we’ve heard up to now. Lucian seemed weak and not very good at his job, and not a strong personality or good teacher for Walt, as he’s been represented in the past. And Walt seemed too opinionated and independent for a brand new deputy. Would the Lucian we know and love really put up with that?

I didn’t mind that the end was a cliffhanger, like a lot of other people do, but I am disappointed that the books are falling back on conspiracies and international intrigue. What I loved about the Longmire books to date is that they are about normal people, some good, some bad, and normal stories about things that happen in the plains and mountains in and around Wyoming. People love these books, it’s not necessary to keep raising the stakes. I know it’s necessary to have some tension, I hope after the next book the stories can go back to roots.

Review #3

Audiobook The Western Star by Craig Johnson

I’ve loved the Longmire series, but this one was a huge disappointment. I’m giving 3 stars rather than 2 out of respect for the previous books I’ve enjoyed so much.

Other than Walt Longmire himself, Henry Standing Bear and Deputy Vic are easily Johnson’s most interesting and entertaining characters. But in this book, Henry is only peripheral to the story and Vic was so much on the sidelines that she could have been left out completely and it wouldn’t have changed the story. The romance that had been developing between Walt and Vic has disappeared over the past couple of books, which is almost as disappointing as not getting to enjoy the ferocious Deputy Vic watching Walt’s back in times of trouble. I’m really missing her having a major role in the stories.

What we get instead is Lucien Connely, Johnson’s most contrived and uninteresting character, taking the spotlight, as he did in the ridiculous Sprit of Steamboat and a couple of other recent stories.

Finally, it appears Johnson is preparing to jump the shark with the cliffhanger ending. Please, Mr. Johnson, get Walt, Vic, and Henry back to Absaroka County and get them back into the kinds of trouble that made this series great!

Review #4

Audio The Western Star narrated by George Guidall

It’s a story that connects Walt Longmire’s earliest days as a deputy sheriff to the present-day deliberation over the sentence commutation of Walt’s first criminal arrest. Much of the tale unfolds on The Western Star, a special steam train that served as a meeting venue for the 24 Wyoming Sheriffs. Walt, a deputy at the time, accompanied his new boss, Sheriff Lucian Connelly, somewhat reluctantly it must be noted. Just prior to boarding, Walt somewhat prophetically purchased a paperback book, Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder On the Orient Express’ and what follows is a tale that rivals that of Dame Agatha. A must read!

Review #5

Free audio The Western Star – in the audio player below

The thing about Craig Johnson’s Longmire series is that you feel you are sitting with your shoes off and warming at a roaring fireplace amidst a winter snowstorm. Your having a warming drink, whether it be hot chocolate or whiskey or beer and being caught up in a conversation about a man’s early life. Walt Longmire is in the middle of choosing a pregnant wife that he loves dearly and solving a mystery presented to him on a steam engine with all the sheriffs in Wyoming. He is the only deputy and the tallest, youngest lawman on board. This story twists and winds as Longmire stories go giving the reader a glimpse of what made him the sheriff we all love . As usual, he is caught up in the dilemma of who to believe, what to do and how to let go of his experiences in Viet Nam. I would love to see a movie or series of this book and the subsequent books to follow.

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