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Under Currents

Review #1

Under Currents audiobook free

I have figured out why Roberts’ books are so popular. Her romantic couples rarely have angst-ridden lives. They are good people who find love with each other early on, and unite while fighting the outside evils that bring the drama. I also like how she introduces readers to new spots around the country (and sometimes the world), and often she also introduces them to different professions, such as this book does with landscaping. She knows how to make you care about the protagonists. This book deals with issues like child and spousal abuse, taking them seriously without being preachy.

Review #2

Under Currents audiobook

Nora did it again!!! This is a well written and very believable book. She delves into a subject that used to be taboo. No one reported child abuse or spousal abuse. The abuser was very good at hiding what he or she was doing and at isolating the victims. NR has these characters nailed. The surgeon has the Police Chief just where he wants him and believing his every word but he calls him “useless” in his own mind. And the abuser still does that. But we have a lot better laws and training and support systems in place now. The abuser from the hill country is drunk and stoned and says he thinks he does his best driving and thinking when he is like this – as he drives his truck off the side of the road. Nora tells it like it is. It is obvious that she has done a lot of research in the subject and or talked to victims of abuse. She has strong heroes that came out of horrific childhood backgrounds – one who documented everything for the last 3 1/2 years in a secret diary. They also had a friend / neighbor and an aunt who became their support system along with a detective in the Asheville PD who stood up for them. Another hero that had a strong support system in her mom was able to leave her abuser fairly quickly and testify against him. And the last one who got away because someone noticed and cared. And she shows that abuse can happen at any socioeconomic background… the very wealthy surgeon’s family, the middle class landscape artist family and the family who has very little and lives in the hill country. She also shows that not all of the hill country family ended up as abusers. One son was able to leave and to make something of himself as a 20 year veteran in the US Army.

I wanted to add a couple things to my review.
I have read some of the other reviews and am stunned that people are saying things like the characters are not developed because they most certainly are. Some are saying they don’t like the book because of the content and it’s not like NR. But she writes about the real world. And unfortunately, abuse happens in the real world and in towns of all sizes. Lakeview, the town in this story, has 50,000 citizens not counting the visitors who come to the campgrounds and cottages to vacation. So while it is not a large town, it is not a town with just 1 stoplight and post office / grocery store combined. It has its own police force. And having only 3 cases of abuse in a town that size is probably really low. (Actually one didn’t happen there. Darby’s case happened in Maryland and she moved there after her mother was killed.)
Are some of the scenes hard to read? Of course they are!! Any graphic violence is hard to read or watch on the screen. But do they sound true? Yes they do!!! No, I have not experienced abuse myself, however, I have been a Pediatric Emergency/ Urgent Care /General Emergency RN for over 35 years and have seen multiple cases of child abuse (sexual & physical), and adult abuse (psychological, Physical and sexual). Another reviewer writes that all the bad guys died or were killed and that is simply not true. Some of them will go on to serve nice long sentences in the North Carolina Prison system.

Review #3

Audiobook Under Currents by Nora Roberts

This was better than many of her books got to be. Not so much graphic sex. I enjoyed it and am now reading her books again. I had them all then just got tired of it so stopped buying them or reading them. I’m glad she stopped thinking she needed all that stuff. She’s a great writer without it.

Review #4

Audio Under Currents narrated by January LaVoy

Nora Roberts is the best! She doesn’t write romances, she writes of family issues that must be resolved for the main characters to persevere. Although this novel deals with dark behavior, it is handled with honesty and empathy. The warmth and humor that permeates her prose is an almost magical story-telling talent. It wraps you up emotionally in the characters so tightly that you don’t want to let them go when the story ends.

Review #5

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Nora Roberts’ books are enhancing and ruining my life in equal measures. Enhancing because her character decorators, gardeners and furniture builders have inspired me to get off my lazy ass and do some stuff in my own house. I literally assembled my bed frame which had been waiting for me to pay it some attention for 3 months, just because a character in the previous Nora Roberts was assembling hers (she had help from a sexy man however…not fair). On the downside Nora’s books are ruining my life as I cant keep my nose out of them the rest of the time. I’ll be found, withered to my bones, having face planted my Kindle, exhausted from all the reading. I loved Zod by the way. I’m normally a cat person but I want to take all the dogs home from Nora’s novels.

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