Heaven and Earth

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Heaven and Earth

Review #1

Heaven and Earth audiobook free

I enjoyed the book it went right along with the 1st book in the series. It was true to Nora Roberts style. I’m excited to finish the series.

Review #2

Heaven and Earth audiobook Series Three Sisters Island Trilogy

Dr. Mack Booke has come to Three Sisters Island to see if there is anything to the notion that the Island was forged by three witches and has supernatural power. The geeky, accident prone Professor did not expect to encounter the very capable Sheriff Ripley Todd who seems to fascinate him both physically and mentally. Fearing that she will make the same mistakes her ancestors made, Ripley stopped using her supernatural powers long ago and is determined to suppress her magic. Love, coupled with her desire to protect those she loves, Ripley eventually confronts her fears and the very real danger that the group faces. With an evil from the recent past (Nell’s ex-husband) still on all of their minds, the three women (and the men that love them) wonder what the darkness they feel truly means.

This is the 2nd in the Sisters Island Trilogy. I enjoyed seeing the gang again…Nell is living happily ever after with Sheriff Zachary Todd (Ripley’s brother), there are hints of things to come concerning Mia (who lost her love years ago), and there are even premonitions about all of their futures. However, what I really enjoyed the most was the evolution of Ripley, seeing how she comes to find love and an acceptance of her gifts, which will work well when it comes to the eventual showdown that I am sure will take place in Book 3, Mia’s story.

I recommend this story to any readers who enjoy Nora Roberts. She has woven a decent story that has some supernatural happenings and romance.

Review #3

Audiobook Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts

This series covered 3 witches, one in each book. All were excellent character studies along with witches and a bit of magic! If you like fantasy, or like me would love to have powers of a witch, you’ll enjoy this series.

Review #4

Audio Heaven and Earth narrated by Sandra Burr

I enjoyed this follow up book to the first of a trilogy. I will be reading the third in the series as soon as purchased. Being that these three sisters are witches (good witches) it is really a story of support, love and trust between family. Plus finding lasting love and believing in yourself.

Never really thought I’d like a story with witches but it introduces you to them through a fictional beginning in Salem, Massachusetts. This explains the situation they’re in 300 years later. Oh yeah, each book can be read in it’s own.

Review #5

Free audio Heaven and Earth – in the audio player below

A fun trilogy with a mix of feisty heroines, hard work, wicca-style magic, and sexy, enlightened men. This is Nora Robert’s trademark, to build and heal with enormous energy and zest, while feeling that you have stepped out of your own rat race into a distant, beautiful environment.
My one critique is that although Roberts has excellent research, this is not a substitute for personal experience. If you are a Wiccan, this book may irritate you–I don’t know. Suspension of disbelief and allowance for dramatic plot devices is necessary for enjoying Roberts’ novels.

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