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With the Lightnings audiobook

Hi, are you looking for With the Lightnings audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

With the Lightnings audiobook free

Anyone familiar with Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series will easily recognize the similarity of the relationship between principal characters. Drake does not come close to the depth of character development or detail and coherency of story that O’Brian delivers but then there are few authors who do.

The largest criticism I have for this first story in the series is the technical gaffs. Drake is dealing with science fiction; e.g., Sponge Space and Cassini energy, so he deserves some latitude to devise new things. Where he fails, however, are his descriptions of things that fall within normal physics — things like energy, force, mass, acceleration and the difference between weight and mass. Since his universe is the same one that contains our planet Earth, no alternate reality is possible. I really wanted to understand Drake’s ideas about propulsion and weaponry but the more scrutiny I gave to his descriptions, the clearer it became that he doesn’t understand basic physics. These are the kind of things that are taught in high school physics classes.

The better science fiction authors I have read such as Arthur C. Clarke and Tom Godwin do a much better job with their concepts. Andy Weir is an extreme example.

If you can overlook these errors and if you enjoyed the O’Brian series and like science fiction, I expect you will enjoy this first novel in Drake’s series. I cannot speak for others in the series; I haven’t read them yet.

Review #2

With the Lightnings audiobook in series RCN Series

This was fun!

David Drake brings the good ol’ fashioned military SF in the tradition of H. Beam Piper and all them. Drake is far less melodramatic than Weber, mostly because our main heroes are far more flawed, having traits that actually make them less likeable. Both are dyed-in-the-wool aristocrats, opinionated, haughty, and sometimes insufferable. But you do still root for them through all their trials and really want them to win through the dangers put in their way.

Most of the action takes place on a single world, with some tense and exciting ship action at the end. The tech feels a touch spotty, super-advanced in some areas, not quite better than what we have today in others. a few of the seams show; when we’re introduced to a fungus pod full of dangerous insects, we know exactly what’s going to happen with that later.

Still, a very enjoyable read, and I’m already looking forward to picking up the next in this series.

Review #3

Audiobook With the Lightnings by David Drake

Lieutenant Daniel Leary is an officer on the Republic of Cinnabar Navy ship Aglaia, with no money other than his small RCN salary which will not be enough to let him live like he is used to and no probable successful future prospects. Adele Mundy, also from Cinnabar, is a librarian or information retrieval specialist, also with no money and no probable successful future prospects. Adel’s Father had been killed when he was accused of being an enemy of Cinnabar by Lieutenant Daniel Leary’s father, when Daniel was seven years old.

In this book, Lt. Daniel Leary is a supernumerary, kind of a glorified flunky or aide de camp, on a diplomatic mission from Cinnabar to Kostroma, a wealthy trading planet caught between two growing
empires, the Alliance and Cinnabar.
Adele Mundy survived the political massacre of her family by being fortuitously off the planet. Adele is the newly-appointed Electoral Librarian in Kostroma’s capitol. Drake writes in his usual casual style, which I enjoy.
Lieutenant Daniel Leary is an interesting guy, a talented astrogator, just like his famous Uncle, he’s also an amateur naturalist and a bit of a lady’s man. He dreams of command, and is plunged into it to rescue a group of Cinnabar sailors stranded in the coup. He proves to be
competent and infectiously optimistic. He befriends the Librarian, rescues her when
the coup turns ugly, and learns that besides being a computer whiz, she’s a a great shot and calm under fire. They become an amazingly effective team.
I find it ironic that the author who has been criticized for too much combat and not enough character development is criticized in some of the above reviews for not enough combat and too much character development! Makes you wonder if some of these reviewers can ever be pleased!

Review #4

Audio With the Lightnings narrated by David Drake

Hardly novel or pace-setting or breathtaking, and certainly not memorable, but a decently fun story that requires a bit of suspension of belief, and I can only remember one shark jump. I was in the mood for something on the lighter, mindless side, and this fit the bill well. I did buy, but just barely, the sequel, and I know I’ll stop after #2, but it has been a pleasant interlude.

I have most of the other Lt. Leary books, and I feel this book does a good job of setting up the rest of them quite nicely. There s some graphic violence, but in war you will have that. I don’t feel that it’s gratuitous or excessively graphic, but it IS there. The interpersonal relationships between the characters and the military strategies involved made this an enjoyable read. If you’ve read the Harrington series by Weber (and enjoyed them) then the will also be to your liking.

Review #5

Free audio With the Lightnings – in the audio player below

This is the first book in the Republic of Cinnabar Navy (RCN) series, and I think my favourite. It introduces Lieutenant Danial Leary, a handsome young officer in the Cinnabar space force, with if not a girl in every port, he will soon find several.
Danials ship is visiting the planet Kostroma, a neutral planet between the two major powers, Cinnabar and the Alliance.
A change of government to a pro Alliance faction causes mayhem in the capital. Danial escapes the arrest of his ships company and joining forces with the quiet librarian Adele Mundy who prefers to call herself an information specialist, must try to rescue his shipmates and warn the Cinnabar fleet.
There is plenty of action from ther on.
The story has some resemblance to a space opera rather hard si-fi, but is very enjoyable to read, Though no romance between the lead characters leaves Daniel to play the field in further episodes.

This is the very first of the truly Classic Lt Leary books, modern Sci/fi at its best! A justly acclaimed Story from an award winning Author, and proof of how well earned those awards are!
A seriously fun read!

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