Your Money or Your Life

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Your Money or Your Life Audiobook

Your Money or Your Life is a career success book. It is written by Vicki Robin and co-authored by Joe Dominguez. The foreword of this chapter is written by Mr. Money Mustache. Vicki is an American author and a speaker. The subject book is her most appreciated literary work in nonfiction. In the food and wine category, she has a good book that is titled Blessing the Hands That Feed Us. The narration of Your Money or Your Life is also handled by Vicki Robin herself. The narration was not a good one. It was long and boring which didn’t help in grabbing the attention of the listeners.

Your Money or Your Life

For nearly three decades, this subject book has been a go-to chapter for all those who are looking to take back their life. It could all be done by completely transforming your relationship with money. This is a nine-step program that has been followed by thousands of people all over the world. This program allows people to live much deliberately under the useful guidance of Vicki Robin.

This revised edition of this book is time-tested so that the wisdom of this classic book applies to people of all ages and all times. It covers a range of modern topics as well such as investing in the index funds, freelancing, and managing the revenue streams as well

Free Audiobook Your Money or Your Life

Your Money or Your Life is quite a long book which makes it a bit boring in some parts. The author has dragged some content unnecessarily which didn’t help the audience at all. The below-average narration by Vicki Robin also didn’t help in the cause of this audiobook.

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