12th of Never

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12th of Never

Review #1

12th of Never audiobook free

This whole series is really great! This particular book is one of my favorites. James Patterson never lets you down in the story of these women’s lives and those close to them. Can’t wait to continue on to the next!

Review #2

12th of Never audiobook Series Women’s Murder Club

I’m surprised at the number of negative reviews for James Patterson’s and Maxine Paetro’s “The 12th of Never”, which is the newest book in the Women’s Murder Club series. A lot happens right in the beginning of the book with Lindsay and also with Yuki. The courtroom scenes with Yuki had me turning pages very fast, then with the advent of the professor who claims to be clairvoyant and can see a murder happening in his dreams that actually comes true added a subplot that SFPD couldn’t figure out and neither could I. Add in a crisis with Lindsey’s baby, two killers on the loose and for me it became a race to get to the end to tie up all of the crimes and find the perpetrators.

The chapters skip back and forth in time and with so many things going on, I didn’t have trouble following the story. With this many subplots, I think it is the only way the author could tell it all, because one story at a time would be boring and hard to transition one into another. Each of the women in the Women’s Murder Club has some kind of crisis, either in her personal life or at work or both.

Review #3

Audiobook 12th of Never by James Patterson

I can hardly believe I skipped over this book when it was published. Another great book by James Patterson and his co-author Maxine Paetro, the Dream Team, works so well together because there is so much love and respect between the offizers on this team.

This Patterson book was good but not the greatest Women’s Murder Club book of the set. In my viewpoint had two many plotlines in total I counted four plotlines which I cared for two out of the four plotlines. But still the book a good read and good addition to the set of The Women’s Murder Club. I read the book in just four days time and was roughly 400 pages so hard to put down overall. This one clearly had it’s ups and downs but Patterson still keeps his fans wanting more and more of his writing with his suspense trillers. There were a couple of points in the book I just couldn’t believe what I was reading I was like really your going there but in a good way. I will say this the book ends on a cliffhanger, what cliffhanger you will have to read for yourself to see what I am talking about. But in closing I took one star off because of so many plotlines within one Patterson book, I prefer the ones with just two plotlines that way more suspense and triller.

Review #4

Audio 12th of Never narrated by January LaVoy

Came back to the women’s murder club after many years I hadn’t followed up and found a pleasant read that kept me entertained but not much else. The characters seemed to lack depth and the story line although interesting wasn’t adequately explored. Plus it ended abruptly with a cliffhanger in an overt effort to force interest into the next book of the series. Maybe I’m giving it a try but not really inclined right now….

Very well written again , kept me turning pages to finish the story. Only problem was there is a cliff hanger when Conklin says Miracles has escaped from custody in hospital. Have started next in series but it didn’t follow on, Julie is now 6 months old not weeks old.

Review #5

Free audio 12th of Never – in the audio player below

I have read each and every one of the Women’s Murder Club books and just lately they seem to be losing their flair. It seems that for each book, one of the characters has a major change of personality. Having said that, book 11 was a vast improvement on book 10! With this latest instalment, I was hoping to see things settle down once again but sadly this wasn’t the case.

With Lindsay Boxer as a new mother, her baby’s birth was the intro to this latest book. That alone is something that just feels secondary to the series and no real thought had gone into it. Yuki is now running a case which seemed to take over for the majority of the book and I have to be honest and say that this particular part of the story didn’t grab me. It is a case involving Keith Herman, a disgraced attorney, who is being prosecuted for the murder of his wife. Whilst Lindsay and Yuki are busy, we see Claire get demoted following the disappearance of a body from her Morgue, and finally we see fleeting glimpses of Cindy whose relationship with Lindsay’s partner Rich Conklin appears to be running into trouble.

I read this book pretty quickly, which wasn’t difficult as JP books are never meaty anyway. But by the end of the book, although I couldn’t say it was terrible, I also couldn’t say it was brilliant. It felt like storylines were created for all 4 characters and there was far too much going on for them individually. This made me feel like I was jumping from pillar to post, without any real sense of connection. Like many others I have probably read at least 60-70% of James Patterson’s books, but am finding that my patience is wearing a bit thin. I would prefer to wait all year for one book from the man himself, than to constantly try and catch up with all the various series and co-written books he produces. Overall, another James Patterson disappointment!

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