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Angels and Archangels audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Angels and Archangels audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Angels and Archangels audiobook free

I pulled pretty hard for Damien, Jason, and Jessie when they were in prison, so I\’m ecstatic to see them out and getting on with their lives. I\’m particularly excited to see that Damien has developed into such a committed seeker and writer. That being said, I would highly advise anyone who is new to these topics to begin with other texts and research before diving into Damien\’s books. While he writes them from a very approachable perspective, much of what he is writing comes from what we in the occult community would call unverified personal gnosis (UPG) rather than from heavy research into angelology. Some of his attributions conflict with classical texts. Towards the end of the book he gets very much into Sumerian theology and equates Enlil with the highest being there is in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic systems, when Enlil has widely been regarded as syncretic with Ba\’al Zebul (Beelzebub) by other researchers. Needless to say, anyone who reads this text should take it with some grains of salt. Still, Damien\’s modified techniques could be of interest to a seasoned practitioner or researcher. And given that access to more in-depth analysis can be hard to come by when you\’re stuck on death row in the bible belt, I don\’t think Mr. Echols should be judged too harshly on his writings- just be sure to view them with a critical eye and the knowledge that Damien doesn\’t have quite as much or as refined experience with this topic as many other authors have.


Review #2

Angels and Archangels audiobook streamming online

This is an awesome book on High Magick practices (Magick geared towards the goal of spiritual development, although many other applications are discussed). What I love about Damien is that his books are like kind of like an iPhone, super user friendly and easy for anyone to use successfully from the start (minuses the over priced aspect) while at the same time containing more detailed instructions on certain aspects of ritual than most books, as well as a wide range of practices, up to and including, easy to understand versions of some of the most powerful and complex angel invocation rituals, and high Magick practices. Absolutely beautiful book in it\’s physical form and the audiobook version (I definitely had to get both) as always, is in his own voice that was seemingly made for interesting and heartwarming narration. First part is like an perfectly concise encyclopedia for angelic entities/energies, second part is filled with simple to advanced practices, with sidebars and historical information sprinkled in that does a great job in relaying context. Overall, I love this book as well as his \”High Magick\” and I have begun to use this book along with several from other authors he recommends (also mentioned as additional reading in this book) with success as I work on the western path to spiritual development. Thank you Damien for enlivening my spirituality and inspiring me to start practicing High Magick


Review #3

Audiobook Angels and Archangels by Damien Echols John Michael Greer – foreword and contributor

I have been a practicing witch for 20 years and have a vast library so it\’s always fun to come across something new which excites me. I bought this for the handy list of corresponding angels for the zodiac, tree of life, etc but am thoroughly enjoying reading the entire book. I like to approach each new printed treasure with a beginner\’s mind and the openness of a child and because of that I can always find some new element or nugget to inspire and deepen my practice. This book has plenty of those moments, even for seasoned practitioners, but is so approachable and well presented my husband, who is not a witch (yet!) is enjoying this and will be adding rituals before and after his healing work. Yes, it might seem obvious to a long term initiate but I found plenty to discover and his passion and love for the craft is palpable in every word. This is a treat to read and it has given me new ideas and energy to bring into my own rituals. There is wisdom here for all.


Review #4

Audio Angels and Archangels narrated by Damien Echols

We become the things we focus on, regardless of our intentions. If you want your life to be like heaven on earth, the easiest way to do this is by focusing on the Archangels. Damien Echols has written a superb guide to visualizing and interacting with these ideals, based on tried and true formulas, in order to transform your world by transforming your self. If you think that you are already perfect and that the world needs to change for you, there are plenty of other books on material success you should read instead. However, if youve begun to realize that you are the weak link in your plans for happiness, this book can help you transform your personality into a foundation for success: enhancing your life and the lives of everyone around you.


Review #5

Free audio Angels and Archangels – in the audio player below

Damien Echols is an excellent author and has a great way of explaining concepts in an easily understandable and enjoyable format. This book is well composed and contains a wealth of knowledge. Highly recommended.


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