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Listening about war from an expert is a real blessing for those who are interested in making strategies about war. Sun Tzu is one of the specialists in warfare who was a part of the Chinese military for a very long time. During these years Sun Tzu took part in many serious assignments and later in his career he led certain missions too. After retirement, the author decided to share his experience with the entire world and that’s why he wrote this book which possesses thirteen long chapters.


At the time when this book was published for the first time, the audience was never able to comprehend its true importance. Later as time passed people understood the purpose of the author and it was finally revealed to the listeners that the book was not written to teach the strategic work related to war.

Aidan Gillen has narrated all of these thirteen chapters in the same clear voice as the book does not possess characters that would have needed different tones. Young kids and children who want to listen to this book should first try to know more about the author and his profession. After getting complete info about the author, a listener would be able to understand why such a title was chosen for the book.


The concept is not complex or confusing but getting it down into your mind completely is not very easy either. One has to put himself in the shoes of Sun Tzu to digest these thirteen chapters. Each chapter is like a new chapter related to the war world. There is no proper continuation between different chapters but they follow the same theme.

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