A Dweller on Two Planets (Or, The Dividing of the Way) (Or, The Dividing of the Way)

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A Dweller on Two Planets (Or, The Dividing of the Way) (Or, The Dividing of the Way) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A Dweller on Two Planets (Or, The Dividing of the Way) (Or, The Dividing of the Way) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

A Dweller on Two Planets (Or, The Dividing of the Way) (Or, The Dividing of the Way) audiobook free

I read this book as part of my research into the legend of the lost continent of Atlantis which is bordering on an obsession for me right now. It\’s like I can feel Atlantis calling to me from across the centuries. The writing style is very unusual. It contains many profound statements about Jesus Christ, the meaning of life, good and evil, etc. To me the best parts were the descriptions of life on Atlantis. These include not only the advanced technology but also the underlying spiritual principles, social structure, criminal justice system, etc.. This information is presented in the form of a first person narrative meaning the author claims to have actually lived on Atlantis in a previous life. We can call it \’technology\’ but it was more a knowledge of the fundamental forces of nature. Eventually the high priests in Atlantis (not everyone else) found they didn\’t need physical air planes and things like this to travel. They could project their bodies to other places. This was just the result of a more advanced understanding of those same mysterious \’night forces\’. Whether or not I actually believe everything stated in this book I would say no. I don\’t see how anyone could be living on the planet Venus in physical form. We know now that Venus is an uninhabitable, volcanic wasteland. If anyone is living there it\’s not in the physical form that we are familiar with. However I do believe in Atlantis and the information presented here is consistent with the statements made by the American psychic Edgar Cayce who I do believe in. I would say the author had a lot of knowledge about Atlantis and other arcane subjects and was some type of mystic or supernatural being. Either that or he had done a lot of research in these areas and then constructed a very elaborate and detailed fictional story for some unknown reason. In any case the story is consistent throughout and doesn\’t contradict itself. It all seems to make sense as far as how the sequence of events are described. My own conclusion is this book contains real events and facts about Atlantis which are then embellished to create an interesting fictional story. Or possibly the author himself really believes it but he himself was deceived by some weird spirit guides. Jeff Marzano The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls: Unlocking the Secrets of the Past, Present, and Future Edgar Cayce\’s Atlantis Edgar Cayce\’s Atlantis and Lemuria: The Lost Civilizations in the Light of Modern Discoveries The Giza Power Plant : Technologies of Ancient Egypt Edgar Cayce\’s Egypt: Psychic Revelations on the Most Fascinating Civilization Ever Known Initiation in the Great Pyramid (Astara\’s Library of Mystical Classics)


Review #2

A Dweller on Two Planets (Or, The Dividing of the Way) (Or, The Dividing of the Way) audiobook streamming online

The story is engaging, very tersely written but packed with implication. The author asserts that it is a channeled text and that he received it as a medium. The story deals very succinctly and briskly with the multiple lives of the protagonist and his wrestling with the karma he generates back in Atlantis. Multiple characters appear and reappear later. The style of the writing is not spectacular. The language is somewhat stilted and archaic, and the author sometimes waxes enthusiastic about kind of uninteresting topics. However, he does pack a lot of information into a tight space, which will be fascinating for anyone interested in channeled texts, theosophy, the secret city supposedly inside Mt. Shasta (N. California), Atlantis, etc. The formatting was problematic. The book seems to have been scanned in, so there are weird gaps in the text between one paragraph and the next one, and a number of words were misinterpreted by the uploading software. For example, \”modern\” consistently appears as \”modem\”. This is not really a big deal, as the eye almost always fills in the appropriate words. I only had to stop and guess about what the author actually wrote a few times. Overall, interesting story (if you are interested in the occult, reincarnation, theosophy, Atlantis, etc.)


Review #3

Audiobook A Dweller on Two Planets (Or, The Dividing of the Way) (Or, The Dividing of the Way) by Phylos the Thibetan

When I ordered this I thought I was going to get the whole book but only received a sample.. Since it only costs $ 1.69 I\’m not going to pursue it. I was very disappointed.


Review #4

Audio A Dweller on Two Planets (Or, The Dividing of the Way) (Or, The Dividing of the Way) narrated by John Winston

Right before the days before rock\’n\’roll, the avant-garde in America took the form of persons claiming personal insights of God from \”spiritual forces\”. It was mostly garbage. That\’s not to say Karl Jung, William James or Edgar Cayce were garbage, but most of their followers had little in common with any such luminaries, much less with the truths those men sought to educe/expound upon. This \”avant-garde\” was mostly older white spinsters/widows with money who lived in a self-flattering fantasy world, and as a result there appeared an almost endless number of \”new age gurus\” ready to separate these cows from their largess (Stephen King parodied them excellently in \”The Sun Dog\”). Point is, if you were really serious about investigating what Jung, James and Cayce were talking about you would have to go elsewhere–perhaps a cave in Malaysia or Nepal, but the cows offered nothing useful (and their gurus offered less). Yet Dweller on Two Planets is authentic. It\’s \”writer\”, Frederick S. Oliver, really was a 17-year-old kid who channeled this entire mature polymath teleological doctrine into the form of a \”novel\”. He was then told by the spirit who dictated the work (Phylos) not to have anyone publish the manuscript until after his (Oliver\’s) death; at age 33, Oliver died and his mother published the book–he wrote absolutely no other novels or stories (he died as a Salvation Army bell-ringer). All this has been verified. So the book is legit as one of our culture\’s very own \”sacred texts\”, regardless of unhallowed cults that grew out of it (I AM activity, Summit Lighthouse, a half-dozen lesser ones). And so I\’d insist Americans should read and cogitate it, just as they should read and cogitate their Bibles and exegetic commentary of writers like Swedenborg, Hegel and Berkeley–not to be part of any \”avant-garde\”, but because it challenges and provokes a nobler perspective on the prevalent \”monophysite\” and plunder-based Christianity (or our post Empress Theodora Christianity, which seeks to conflate Christ\’s atonement with self\’s expiation and growth–basically, an excuse for imperialism, conquest and Zionism). The genius of the book lies in the fact there is utterly no way for self-serving Elmer Gantrys to silence let alone censor it; by making it taboo they dare that much more the young Christian to work his way from cover to cover. And does it deceive? Anytime a writer proclaims the perfected-ness of Christ and the froward-ness of His earthly churches–then insists the self-conceit and materialism of the latter shall in no way prohibit the former from returning, nor the latter from being perfected through tribulations (as well as The tribulation)–that writer speaks truth, speaks the Word of God. In contrast, the \”Son of Morning\”–Lucifer–already has nearly 1,500 years of plunder, racism, inquisitions, indulgences, colonialism, hatred of science and love of hypocrisy working throughout both Protestantism and Catholicism–his millennium-and-a-half\’s worth of deeds speak louder than any words ever could. Again, I highly recommend Dweller even as I highly deplore the garbage doctrines Guy Ballard, Elizabeth Clare Prophet and other cultists machinated out of this novel. \”Verbum sat sapienti\” indeed–and how.


Review #5

Free audio A Dweller on Two Planets (Or, The Dividing of the Way) (Or, The Dividing of the Way) – in the audio player below

too much is from a medieval modern mans perspective.. not from a person with advanced civilisation experience stuff like flying ufo cigars allowing us to feel the breeze and requiring grappling hooks to board.. mysterious free energy night-force.. equates dark energy and astral dimensions in the same breath no details on any of the technologies and sciences though author is supposed to be most highly educated half the book is about his romantic triangle and the ethical issues in his mind.. also bit confusing as he jumps between various lives.. and he himself gives varying [atleast 3 different] dates for his past life described on poseidon


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