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A Touch of Darkness audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A Touch of Darkness audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

A Touch of Darkness audiobook free

I was excited to read \”A Touch of Darkness\” based on the synopsis I was given. A modern retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth? Great! Then I started the audiobook and it all went downhill from there. The only way to properly address my feelings about this book is to organize things in a list, so here we go: 1. Persephone as a heroine. Persephone barely functions as a protagonist, let alone a heroine. Her motivations are all over the place: does she want adventure, a life outside her mother\’s grasp? Does she want passion and/or love (two things that are alternately conflated and differentiated, as the situation dictates)? Does she want to trust Hades and challenge her preconceived notions of him? Or does she want those notions confirmed, despite his words and actions? She seems ready to believe the worst of Hades at all times, no matter what he does. She tells him he should send struggling mortals to rehab? He does so, and she accuses him of doing it to \”make fun of\” her. If she\’s so eager to get out from under her mother\’s thumb, and her mother hates and mistrusts Hades, you\’d think Persephone would take any and every opportunity to see the best in him, specifically to spite her mother. She also just plain doesn\’t listen when Hades speaks (when he bothers to explain himself at all, see below). He\’ll tell her, \”I don\’t have full control over my contracts and have to consult with the Fates\”, and she\’ll continue to berate him for his \”unfair\” contracts that \”ask the impossible\”. Lastly, she spends a lot of time thinking Independent Woman thoughts, but all of those seem to fly out the window the second she gets in the presence of Hades and his magical dick. 2. Persephone as a goddess. Persephone is, nominally, the goddess of spring. If she was, as the story implies, born 20-some actual years ago, how has spring happened before her birth? Since she can\’t make her powers manifest, how does spring happen at all? Who gave her the title of \”goddess of spring\”, if a) none of the other gods knew about her (as is implied) and b) she shows no gift for anything springtime-related? 3. Hades as a hero. So Hades has a reputation as a cold, heartless, ruthless tyrant who challenges mortals to games of cards in order to trick them into \”impossible\” contracts. (His terms include things like challenging alcoholics to give up drinking. You might recognize that as something that\’s certainly difficult, but not impossible.) Anyway, Persephone buys into this reputation and often accuses him of this and worse, and Hades hardly ever stands up for himself. At worst he stays silent, and at best he\’ll say something along the lines of, \”It\’s not like that,\” but doesn\’t follow up with an explanation. He allows Persephone to continue thinking ill of him, then gets irritated when she thinks ill of him. If he truly didn\’t care about anyone\’s opinion this would make sense, but he tells Persephone more than once that HER opinion matters. He just doesn\’t seem willing to do much to change it. The only time he makes an effort to alter her perception of him is when he starts a rehab charity for mortals, at Persephone\’s suggestion, but–as mentioned–she only takes that as an offense. 4. Lack of logic. I don\’t just mean that characters make illogical choices (although there\’s plenty of that, too). I mean that conversations/sequences of events don\’t seem to follow any sort of logical pattern. For instance: \”No, Lady Persephone. Trust me, when we fuck, you\’ll remember.\” WHEN? \”Your arrogance is alarming.\” His eyes flashed. \”Is that a challenge?\” A challenge to what? If Persephone had followed the statement about arrogance with something like, \”We will NEVER have sex,\” his response might make sense. It would be disgusting, but it would make sense. But exchanges like this happen all the time. It\’s like the author wrote from sentence to sentence, picking what she wanted to say in any given moment, regardless of what had just been said/done or what was about to be said/done. 5. A tired dynamic. Can we move past the dynamic of \”virginal college-aged woman\” and \”brooding worldly billionaire\”, please? It was uncomfortable in Fifty Shades of Grey and it was uncomfortable here. Persephone is in her 20s, and we\’re supposed to believe that not only is she a virgin, she\’s never even masturbated. Is she okay? It\’s also time to retire a dynamic where one party (usually the woman) says something that implies she isn\’t interested, and the other party (usually the man) \”sees past\” her protests to what she \”really wants\” and informs her of her own desires. It\’s gross and problematic. It gets a SLIGHT pass in this story, since Hades is literally a god and can literally see into people\’s souls, but it\’s still pretty skeevy. Not to mention that if Persephone is college-aged and Hades is millennia old, the age difference is far beyond anything even Twilight could throw at us. 6. Implementation of mythology. It was really difficult to get a handle on the way in which mythological characters were employed in this story. Which gods had been around since antiquity, like Hades, and which were new, like Persephone? Was the Adonis we meet bound to be the same mortal that Aphrodite falls for in the myth, or was he a modern man with the same name? Was Sibyl the Oracle of Delphi, or was she a modern woman who just happened to also be an oracle? Was Orpheus the guy with the lyre we know, or just a bereft widower denied the opportunity to exchange his soul for his wife’s? It seemed that the author cherry-picked images/names/themes from mythology without taking the time to construct a cohesive universe with them. 7. Lack of proofreading. Look, I’m not here to rag on self-publication as an industry. I think it’s a great way for new authors to get their work out to an audience, especially an audience that might be smaller than a publisher wants to bet on. My problem isn’t that St. Clair “independently published” this book. My issue is that she clearly didn’t employ ANY sort of editor in the process. I can’t speak on the textual version, but even the audiobook was rife with awkward word choice and sentence structure, not to mention moments like this: \”Oh no,\” Persephone said. Hades raised a brow. \”What?\” \”I know that look.\” He raised a curious brow. \”What look?\” Freelance editors are readily available online. Employ them. 8. The terms of bets and contracts. Early in the story, Hades offers to teach Persephone to play poker. They wager questions: whoever wins a hand gets to ask the other a question, which must be answered. However, once they’ve finished, Hades is able to mark Persephone, indicating that she is now under contract with him. The terms of that contract are decided after the fact. This makes zero sense. If questions and answers were the wagers, how can she then owe him a contract fulfilled? How can you possibly be beholden to a contract without its terms being defined first? 9. The audiobook narrator. This is something that Scarlett St. Clair can\’t be blamed for, but bears mentioning: the narrator of this audiobook has three major flaws, as far as I\’m concerned. A) Her male voices all sound the same: gravelly and molasses-slow. Hades sounds like Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith. B) She over-enunciates almost everything. C) She gets into the sex scenes. Like. REALLY gets into the sex scenes. I’m sure there’s a lot more to talk about but this review is already 1300 words and I’m so tired. 149 people found this helpful


Review #2

A Touch of Darkness audiobook streamming online

After rading SJM & The Bargainer series this was ok. I liked it but it seemed like something id read before unfortunately. Smutty but I pictured my boyfriend instead of Hades so, ya know. I didn\’t like Persephone as a journalist and some of the dialog was tough to believe but all in all 3.25/ 5 11 people found this helpful


Review #3

Audiobook A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair

I don\’t want to be mean about this book, but honestly it wasn\’t for me. The characters seemed underdeveloped and mostly 2 dimensional, while also being inconsistent. If sentences along the line of \”wanted him to fill the emptiness inside her\” and almost exclusively referring to male genitalia as \”his arousal\” and female genitalia as \”her core\” are for you then you would probably like the sex scenes in this book if that type of phrasing makes you cringe, I recommend reading a different book. 7 people found this helpful


Review #4

Audio A Touch of Darkness narrated by Meg Sylvan

I don’t like to compare but and I know most of this is base on the mythology of this two gods/goddess but a lot of the story had a lot of similarities to the comic book found in WEBTOON / coming to Nexflix soon (Lore Of Olympus by Rachel smythe ), it just had huge similarities. And I’m aware of the myth and authors will put there spin on the myth of there choosing on gods and goddesses but when both sound so much alike I don’t know if that’s my cup of tea . Don’t get me wrong I like touch of darkness and will continue to read on but I’m stinking with lore of Olympus this one for me . P.s not hatting on this book. 6 people found this helpful


Review #5

Free audio A Touch of Darkness – in the audio player below

Technically haven’t finished this yet, but a few thoughts right out the gate. 1) the narrator really can’t do a male voice and it’s really awkward; 2) the whole second half of this story is just a series of sex scenes 5 people found this helpful


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