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Chosen Champion audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Chosen Champion audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Chosen Champion audiobook free

I think this may be the best book I\’ve read by Elise Kova (and I\’ve read all of her books… soooo… I\’m a bit of an expert). In book 2 of Air Awakens: Vortex Visions, Vi makes the decision to leave the family she\’s always wanted and find Taavin, fulfilling her destiny to save the world from the malevolent forces converging in the mysteries northern continent. CHOSEN CHAMPION follows Vi\’s struggles to make the decision, traverse the empire, and travel to Meru, making friends and enemies along the way. Vi comes into her own in this one. In VORTEX VISIONS, her character was a little scattered, trying to piece together who she truly was and attain an identity. CHOSEN CHAMPION finds Vi growing and taking responsibility for her actions, truly accepting her role in the chaos of her situation. I adored her conviction and levelheadedness. Vi makes a decision and sticks with it; she is logical, if a little naive. As her struggles continue, I\’m intrigued to see how her character will continue to change and mature. There was also this delicious undercurrent of unease that I felt brewing in VORTEX VISIONS that carried through CHOSEN CHAMPION. I guessed of the eventual betrayal, but I just didn\’t want it to happen, not to poor Vi! When the betrayal occurs (and a huge revelation happens!!!), it breaks your heart because it breaks Vi\’s heart. Vi\’s breakdown was powerful, written beautifully, and forces you to pause and breathe… it was intense. The plot was very simple, encompassing mostly travel. However, it was not lacking in action and the simplicity let the characters shine. I can\’t wait to discover what Kova has planned for this completely new world on Meru. That map has *seriously* expanded and I\’m soooo excited. In just a few words: I loved it, it was amazing, I can\’t wait for FAILED FUTURE (book 3).


Review #2

Chosen Champion audiobook streamming online

This was a decent continuation of Vortex Visions. It didn\’t really add anything new to the story, just pretty much played off what was already setup in book one. Although those last like 50 pages of this book were wild and I devoured them. I am still not completely sold on Vi as the main character yet. I mean I understand her motivations and everything but I still think she is acting like a child. I\’m not feeling anything with Taavin as of yet either. I think just like the OG series, I enjoy the side characters more then the main characters which is a bummer of course. Hopefully that will change in the upcoming books. As with the previous book, I really love the world building aspect of this book the most. We got to expand upon the world a little more in Chosen Champions. We also got a little more information into the overall mystery of what is actually going on plot wise. It is very interesting and I want to see how it will play out. Only way to do that is to end this review and pick up the next book, Failed Future!


Review #3

Audiobook Chosen Champion by Elise Kova

Wow, how do you put into words how you feel about a series that just keep exploding and surprising you. You attempt to articulate a review that makes sense without giving away the whole story, ok ready here goes. This is the second book in the Air Awakens spin-off Vortex Visions that follows the adventures of the daughter of Valla. Now for me, you really should read Air Awakens first but it not necessary you just get more invested in these characters if you do. So if you want more inclusion go pick those up and come back. Their not a lot of world building included in this book two so the story is more driven by the characters. Wow, have these characters got grit I was completely blown away by the amount of grit by the time I got done. What I thought I knew what not what was true so try and guard your heart cause your in for some turmoil. We meet Via brother Romulan but we don’t see him a lot. The real meat of the story focuses on Vi and her quest and her odd relationship of sorts with the mysterious Taavin. Vi is to return home to be crowned queen, the land is ravaged by a white disease and her father is presumed dead. Though she was pretty sure that not the case so as to result she runs off hell-bent on bringing him and a cure home. All hell breaks loose in the last few chapters and that where the real excitement happens to the point where I was flying through the pages not quite comprehending how everything unravels and an unexpected savior arrives on the stage at the very end. You are in for a treat Elise has created a well thought out devious plot that will keep you guessing and shocked every step of the way. Ready for more story lets do this.


Review #4

Audio Chosen Champion narrated by Sarah Sampino

\”We will write our own fate,\” This was an excellent second book for this series. It was awesome to see old places and familiar people through new eyes. The first book gave us a unique view o the North. A view of a newly conquered nation. The nation that Vi grew up in, the one that shaped her. Seeing the rest of the world through her eyes was completely different from what Vhalla saw in her time. Vi\’s character grew so much from the first time we met her. She learned of the world around her and how she would not always be treated like she was used to. Not everyone would love the crown princess. It was great to finally meet her family and once again be graced by the presence of Vhalla Yharl. Romulin was an interesting character. I felt like I slightly knew him through Vi, Andru, and his letters. I liked getting more of Jayme’s character. I think the first book focused more on Vi and Ellene, and I loved how much development Jayme got. I love all the places this book went. Both physically through Vi\’s travels and where it went emotionally. Some of the twists were predictable but written so well they still hit home. I never knew something I guessed so early on could still make me cry. There is so much I want to say, so many things to unpack, but I don’t want to give anything away. So go pick this up and read it May 1st. If you haven\’t read Vortex Visions, book one, yet go do that first. You won\’t be disappointed. Thank you so much for this ARC. This is my opinion, honest and unbiased.


Review #5

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Good read excellent story lines strong and exciting characters not knowing who is friend and who\’s the enemy can\’t wait for the next one


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