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Billionaire Blend audiobook – Audience Reviews



Review #1

Billionaire Blend full audiobook free


We don’t see much of Mike or Madame in this one, but it’s a fast-paced adventure for Clare as she tangles with amorous, arrogant high-tech billionaires. Who planted that bomb? Who’s the murderer? Who’s the mole, and what is s/he after?

Clare can’t help but get involved: her beloved Village Blend coffeehouse has been devastated by said bomb. The coffee lore is downplayed somewhat in this novel. The recent stories have given more emphasis on food and cooking – so you may not want to read these on an empty stomach!

The solutions are getting more fantastical as the series continues. This may bother you, or it may not. Just be aware you may be required to suspend belief a few times as the story winds down to its ending.


Review #2

Billionaire Blend audiobook in series The Coffeehouse Mysteries “


An explosion outside the Village Blend propels Clare Cosi into the cut-throat world of high tech competition and the high-pressure social world of billionaires. She finds herself dining in the most exclusive club in New York City and flying by private jet to Florida, Paris, the Orient, and South American (more than once). Along the way she is mugged, assaulted by a drunken but large Australian billionaire, nearly drowned, nearly electrocuted, attacked by a drug cartel (so it seems), and forced to defuse a bomb to save her life.
It all has to do with creating an exclusive coffee–Billiionaire Blend–with rare beans now almost unavailable, but it also has to do with corporate take-overs and murder. In her mind, Clare goes from suspect to suspect, most often landing on Eric Thorner, head of THORN, Inc., the boy billionaire who has declared his everlasting love for her, much to the dismay of her lover, Mike Quinn, and the amusement of ex-husband Matteo Allegro. Is Thorner the intended victim or the mastermind killer? Clare takes incredible risks to find out.
If you’ve read other books in the Coffee House Series, you know Clare, Matt and Mike, along with Madame (Matt’s aristocratic mother) and Joy (Clare’s daughter). A nicely tied-in sub-plot brings Joy back into the action. Mike Quinn is seen less in this volume, but we see a lot of Clare and Matteo.
Billionaire Blend is a good read, fast-paced, making you turn pages, but the billionaire’s world and the world of high-tech apps, holographs and remarkable digital creations is hard to grasp. Does it really exist? Did Coyle research it? I bet so


Review #3

Billionaire Blend audiobook by : Cleo Coyle


Every time I pick up a book written by Cleo Coyle, I know she is going to take me on a fun-filled adventurous ride where I dont want it to stop. This was a great read from the first sentence to a finale that had my heart palpitating as I had to know the outcome of how it will all end. Murder seems to find Clare and when it comes too close to her business, she gets pulled into a billionaires grasp and discovers the trickery a person will use to their advantage, including herself.

This is a fast-paced read that you dont want to put down as the pull of the action keeps you on your toes from one scene to the next. Cleo did a great job in keeping me in suspense with plenty of suspects and several twists and turns that were full of surprises. With a superb cast of characters, engaging conversations and a friendly and warm atmosphere, this has become one of my favorite books.

One of the best part in this wonderfully brewed and delightfully fantastic series is that I love seeing New York and her surroundings through Clares eyes.


Review #4

Billionaire Blend audio narrated by Rebecca Gibel


Agree this is one of the best in a very good series. Likable and interesting characters, a very fast pace making it a can’t-put-down, locales in several countries, lots of glamour and as always, good coffee and good food. And lots of recipes after the story ends.


Review #5

free audio Billionaire Blend – in the audio player below


If you have followed this series since the beginning, this one will be very satisfying. It has the elements of a great mystery that readers have come to expect from Cleo Coyle. This time, though, all the characters get a chance to display their true nature. There is jealousy, tension, work stress, peer pressure, and the lure of money over true love and happiness. This book better reflects real life than other mysteries of the “cozy” variety. The characters are more robust, and I found myself rooting for Claire, Mike, Matt, Joy, Franco, and even the “baby billionaire”. My only y regret is that I would have loved a side-story about Tuck and Punch’ s adventure at the tropical party.

Billionaire Blend is a good romp in the techie world and a great way to spend a few hours.


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