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Before the invasion war was fought on the battlefields in which bloodshed and dead bodies were common things. Now since the day when the aliens took control over everything, they introduced a new way of fighting battles i.e through virtual reality games.


The Game is played by humans mostly because they wanted some catharsis in the oppressive world. As the gamers spent more time in the game they realized that it was much more than just defeating your enemy.

The gamer can level up his skills after becoming successful and this brings more opportunities for him. Success brings more authority to the game and at the same time, defeat can be equally dangerous for the player. For passionate people like Alan, it was initially a way to prove himself useful and as he marched on he thought that it was one thing in which he could excel and finally reach the end of the Game.

Cosimo Yap has shown the development of an ordinary boy into a game master here. Opening Moves described Alan as a person who was just fed up with his life but here he is among the dominant group in the Game. Sacrificial Pieces is the third part of the series which is also narrated by Nick Podehl.


All of these three parts are full of fun for everyone. The youngsters who are interested in virtual games all the time will love to have this series in their collection. In the beginning, there is not a very big agenda in Alan’s mind but later as he evolves, he finally starts thinking of something big.

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