Jurassic Park

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The Jurassic Park novel is as good and popular as its motion picture. The book is written by Michael Crichton. This is chapter 1 of the series with the same name as Jurassic Park, which is a great action and adventure saga.

The author got a lot of success for his other novels, where The Lost World is probably the first one to be mentioned. Apart from this one, Congo is another book with the author that you will surely love reading or listening to.

Scott Brick is one of the most successful and experienced narrators of the audiobook. He narrated this book with utmost perfection which the audience adored a lot.

Jurassic Park audiobook free

The novel starts with the revelation of a highly astonishing technique for recovering and cloning the DNA of the dinosaurs. The most thrilling fantasy of humankind has finally become true.

The creatures in-existent for the eons roam all around Jurassic Park with their emphatic presence and some profound mystery to go with as well. This place is open for all the world to have a visit and see all that, but for a definite price.

This was all going good but something wrong was meant to happen soon. It did happen and there started a great mystery with suspense that continues right till the ending of this chapter.The action and adventure tale of dinosaurs in this novel seems to be frighteningly real. It will keep you riveted throughout.

You will love it for the suspense as well. The author did a great job with his mesmerizing talent and immense scientific brilliance for bringing up such a magnificent techno-thriller. A must listen novel for sure.

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