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Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics is a book on relationships and personal development. It talks about meditations and things revolving around it and its perks. The book is written by Dan Harris, Jeffrey Warren, and Carlyle Adler. It is part of the 10% Happier series. You must check out the 10% Happier book from the author as well, which will give you an even better insight into what meditation is all about.

Dan Harris himself played in the audio version of this novel and was supported by Jeffrey Warren. The audio performance was quite good and was able to convey the thoughts of the authors in a very good manner.

Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics audiobook free

Dan Harris used to be an anchor in ABC News. He used to think that the phenomenon of meditation is something for those people who collect crystals, play Frisbee, and also those who make use of the word Namaste. He once had a panic attack while on live TV and this altered his life altogether. He went on a very strange journey that pushed him to embrace a practice, which he once considered ridiculous. He finds out that meditation helped him to be more focused and far less wrenched around by his emotions.

As per his wife, the practice also made him a lot less annoying. He wrote some excellent experiences of his life through this tough phase in a funny and candid memoir.

The book overall managed to hit the bull’s eye for many listeners. Many people are already doing meditation on regular basis got some great ideas to further enhance it. The book also stood as Ney York Times bestseller.

Top Review for Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics

  1. Recommend this book to a friend? why?

I haven’t even finished the book and I have already forwarded it to 2 people. I just can’t say enough about how well this book was done. I have been practicing TM for 6 months. I love my TM teacher but felt like I wasn’t fully understanding the process in general or what other peoples experiences are. I liked how Jeff has a way to troubleshoot any issue you have with your practice. I also like the way that Jeff & Dan have addressed all of the facets of meditation, the excuses for not being able to do it, the concerns about not being able to quiet your mind, etc. is so well done. I also enjoyed how they spoke about thoughts, how common it is to constantly be thinking, even during meditation as this I think the “can’t quiet my mind” excuse is the most common. Even after 6 months, I still spend probably 75% of my meditation thinking about other things. But I still have seen so many benefits from the practice including clearer thinking, more creative thinking, less anxiety, a calmer demeanor. For me, meditation has made me 50% happier!

I personally think that EVERYONE should meditate. So many people automatically dismiss it without even trying it. This is the book to convince you to at least give it a try. There is no way you don’t have at least 10 minutes (and Jeff will only ask you to find 1 minute) to meditate every day. You might actually be surprised by how easy it is to meditate and how much you benefit in ways that you couldn’t even imagine. You don’t know how much better your life can be until you give it a try. It is worth the effort (and isn’t much effort).

2. On-target help

Overall: This book hit the bulls-eye with me. I do some kind of meditation every day., though I often wonder as in the Randy Newman song, “Maybe I’m doing it wrong.” Still, I’m mindfull of the positive difference in my life when I take the time. Dan’s 10% Happier book and app helped set the stage for what has become one of my best habits. That stage being set, this latest book is like acting class.

Performance: These guys are pros. It is excellent, as expected. It flows like a conversation.

Story: Pay attention to the title. This book is intended for fidgety skeptics, if that isn’t you, then you may not relate the the story which is essentially that of Dan Harris’s epistemic exploration of mindfulness meditataion as it relates to himself. The good news for me is, it checks most of my boxes, too. If the title fits you, then dive in, and don’t forget to check out the app.

3. This was surprisingly great

I’ve practiced zen mediation for several years, meditating off and on fairly regularly. It wasn’t until I randomly encountered the story of Dan Harris on some Saturday commercial, that my interest was piqued. I downloaded the audible book and found that this Americanizes so much of the Eastern philosophies that can be so rigid, dogmatic, and intimidating to us Westerners. Mindfulness is not Zen, but the core practices are very similar and the way this is presented is great.

I’ve been after my wife for years to mediate with me. She listened to a few chapters of this book with me as we drove on a small road trip to visit my parents. Listening to Dan explain the hows and whys in a simple to the point style clicked with her. She started with a guided meditation by Jeff, and now goes to a meditation center on her lunch break at work. She is on the path and its awesome. Thanks Dan, Jeff, and Carlye. Good stuff.

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