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Review #1

Lost audiobook free

This Patterson-Born collaboration works well. I couldn’t put it down once I started. Wow!

Detective Tom Moon is a likable cop, flaws and all, attached to an inter-agency crime taskforce in Miami. This fast-paced crime suspense focuses on a human trafficking scheme, linking Dutch smugglers and Russian mob forces in Amsterdam and Miami. Moving but honest.

Patterson’s short-chapter format keeps this thriller focused and intense, while developing the human side of the believable characters and plotline. The storyline is edgy enough to keep things interesting, while following Patterson’s successful crime formula. The book’s storytelling works well the right balance of narration and dialogue with a first-person focus emphasizing Tom Moon’s perspectives for about half of the storyline—the rest being third-person accounts of primary characters. I don’t want to reveal too much. It’s a great escape read!

This satisfying novel could be a standalone or the beginning to a solid series. I loved the Audible narration that enhanced character dialogues, making my reading experience even more enjoyable.

I usually don’t care for author collaborations, but this short and fun read was not disappointing at all.

Review #2

Lost audiobook Series Tom Moon

This is a story about human trafficking. As a story it is quite okay (much better than Patterson’s horrendous Cajun Justice though!) about the horrible topic of human trafficking. The action is rather predictable and not always believable. Most of the story takes place in Miami, but part of it is located in Amsterdam. Reading that part, as a Dutchman, was very distracting because of several unnecessary mistakes. For example:
Quaint sounding Dutch names of streets were used, such as Achterzijds Voorburgwal, whereas others were suddenly translated (Keizersgracht became Emperor’s Canal).
At some point people were in Haarlem (a town just outside Amsterdam) looking down a hill towards a building. But there are no hills in Haarlem; some quick internet research would have shown that that part of the country is very flat.
A police officer yells “Politie.Stoppen” to a fleeing criminal. This is the literal translation of “Police. To Stop”. Every police officer would use the imperative “Stop!” instead of “Stoppen”.
The authors should have done better research or just ask a native Dutch person to check their manuscript.

Review #3

Audiobook Lost by James Patterson

James Patterson, along with his co-author, has written another book that features a kind hearted, family-loving cop with an IQ higher than that of the entire police department combined. I love Tom Moon, especially his philosophical quotes, imposing linebacker’s physique, and his undying need to help innocent children trafficked into this country.

Review #4

Audio Lost narrated by Corey Carthew

I’ve read several James Patterson’s books but not for some time and I had forgotten just how much I enjoy reading them. This book like many others is fast paced and very relevant to current times when human trafficking is more prevalent unfortunately. Tom Moon travels to Amsterdam and working with a local police officer attempts to build a case against a trafficking ring. The story finishes in Miami where despite breaking all the rules Moon is determined to smash the ring and protect the people trafficked.

Review #5

Free audio Lost – in the audio player below

Tom Moon is a member of a special taskforce in Miami that is dealing with human trafficking. When he rescued a group of children brought into the States from Amsterdam he has no.idea what he is getting himself into.
I thoroughly enjoyed this James Patterson novel. Focusing on human trafficking it made me think about the risks some people will take it they think they can start life afresh somewhere new.
The book is fast paced and easy to read with really good characters.

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