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Review #1

Mockingjay audiobook free

The most powerful book in the series, Collins dives straight in to the realities of rebellion and war. At times hard to read, Mockingjay unflinchingly portrays war as it is… characters fighting over how far is to far in war, loss of innocence and innocent lives, knowing which side you are fighting for, along with the role media propaganda plays. Collins set out to tell kids in a way they can understand, the realities of war behind the images we see on TV. She succeeded… and even more so she succeeded without a particular left or right wing slant to the book, which is rare for these types of works. It is dark for YA, but it is also real and in that reality is it’s value as a read for teens, who in 5 or less years could be on frontlines themselves.

What makes this book so powerful is the characters that Collins creates. Over the course of the 3 books you grow to know and love them, so seeing bad things happen to them, or them make bad decisions or grow apart hurts. But this speaks to the mastery of the work. If it wasn’t so good, you wouldn’t care so much. In a story about war the relationships will be tested, people will be lost, and yes, people will be broken. It could not have been any different and still be the story about the realities of war that Collins wanted to tell.

Review #2

Mockingjay audiobook Series Shifters Unbound

Read this to my kids who were hooked from book one. Personally, I found the love triangle between Katniss, Gale and Peter to be a little awkward and lacking throughout Catching Fire but the added dynamic of Peter’s transformation in Mockingjay really brought home the complexity and the drama the story needed. The pacing was much better than catching Fire which was very slow in the first half. We loved the build up to the climactic crescendo. Again, I feel the author could have done more to allow Peter to regain his form in the last quarter but that’s just me. The tale itself was rich and full of lasting imagery and sentiment.

Review #3

Audiobook Mockingjay by Tatiana Maslany

Mockingjay for me was like reading something from another author. The first 2 were very clearly written for young adults and were very easy flowing whilst book 3 feels more serious and more detailed. Maybe this was intentional as Collins knew her initial fans were growing up. We are introduced to district 13 as the war on the capital kicks off. This one is slow to get in to and doesnt really pick up speed until part 3. I loved the whole Peeta story with his memories being tampered with and in all fairness, the story wraps up pretty well but book 3 is my least favourite. I would still recommend this trilogy.

Review #4

Audio Mockingjay narrated by Hunger Games

Towards the end Iwas a bit disappointed as it seemed to rush to a finish. But the very last chapter won me over as I am a sucker for a happy endings. Many parts were underwhelming, the story line seemed rushed in parts, and dragged out in others, also sometimes I found it hard to picture the action scenes clearly (but the could be down to my poor imagination). Yet at times the descriptions seemed too simple, and hard to believe. Finally Katnis’ character (woe is me..) is rather annoying at times. However, overall I enjoyed the book and would recommend 🙂

Review #5

Free audio Mockingjay – in the audio player below

I have read the hell out of these books in the past week – all three of them. It’s a tremendously satisfying series of books and every single one of them was hugely enjoyable. However, the last book suffers (a little) from several issues. The first is that it just doesn’t feel as coherent as the first two – without the driving force of the Games themselves, it has to be a very different book and the characters don’t feel quite so credible to me. The second is that the ending seems to undermine most of the central messages I took from the book. It just doesn’t gel – it’s a jarring misstep to my sensibilities. The third is that the horror of the central plot-line loses a lot of its impact with the half-hearted way in which events are described. Certain characters, I feel, deserved better in their final send-offs.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s still an intensely good book, and a reasonably good cap-stone to a tremendous trilogy. It doesn’t take away from how good the first two books are, and it stands up well as a book in and of its own rights. It’s just I came away from it feeling a little colder than I think I would have if some other paths had been taken.

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