The Dragon’s Wing (Kit Davenport #2)

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The Dragon’s Wing (Kit Davenport #2) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Dragon’s Wing (Kit Davenport #2) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

The Dragon’s Wing (Kit Davenport #2) audiobook free

I am a bit torn on how I feel about this series so far. I totally love the writing style, the story, the main character, and the love interests – that Austin is a tough nut to crack *swoon*. My one qualm – the main character has all of these awesome powers but she has been pretty underwhelming so far. She constantly gets caught and needs help to escape. Kit\’s powers make me think of Wolverine so I feel like she should be kicking more butt than she is. Love her character but she seems more damsel than heroine at this point. She is impulsive which wouldn\’t be bad if she could do more than land herself into more trouble. This is only the second book in the series, so there is plenty of time for her to grow into her powers and it is still a very good read. It was nearly impossible to put down!


Review #2

The Dragon’s Wing (Kit Davenport #2) audiobook streamming online

I started reading this series because other people kept recommending it over and over again, so I started reading and those people were most definitely right! This is a complete series which makes it even better to binge read the whole thing. I was wanting to leave a review after I finished each book but I just couldn\’t peel myself away long enough to be able to so I need to give each book 5 stars because damn, I am in love with this series. It is set in an amazing paranormal world with great sexy times with the MC\’s sexy guys. It has the right amount of humor and the author captures the MC\’s inner dialogue perfectly to give a good chuckle. There is the right amount of comedic relief to balance out the serious parts. There are 2 dragon shifters and they are captured perfectly, one is fire and the other is ice. If you read this one, you better be prepared to read all 6 of these books!


Review #3

Audiobook The Dragon’s Wing (Kit Davenport #2) by Tate James

So happy I got the chance to sit down and read book 2 in this amazing book series. There was definitely no shortage of action and romance making the book so enticing to read. I kept flipping page after page in between eating, and laundry because I could not put this book down. This book had everything I look for in a book; great action and romance while also a perfect storyline mixed into it all. This book seemed perfectly paced and everything just fell together in a realistic way which made the book easy to visualize and become a part of and live in the book myself. This book was totally worth my time and I am so happy I got to revisit this world in book 2, and look forward to reading book 3 soon. This book does contain steamy scenes, some violence, and profanity so I would only recommend this book to adult readers.


Review #4

Audio The Dragon’s Wing (Kit Davenport #2) narrated by Marnye Young Matt Haynes

I have to say out side of Amy Sumida,I have NEVER,NEVER,Never read a better RH series! But as much as I LOVE Ms.Sumida\’s work,I have never read a series of this type TH or menage which had had such a natural feel and a flow to it,a story where all the relationships and romance are balanced out w/a fast paced action and story,you don\’t spend an exaggerated amount of time struggling over the why\’s and where for of this romance…. it\’s just soo natural some how it just all falls in to place Soo beautifully and naturally I love it and can\’t wait to get more of it…. And of course see the very evil Mr.Grey killed… And I loved the evolution of Kits relationship with Austin, like everything else very natural very real…. I soo can\’t wait for more !!! I love this series


Review #5

Free audio The Dragon’s Wing (Kit Davenport #2) – in the audio player below

Good lord! I can hardly put into words what Tate James has done here but Ill give it a go. This was such a scintillating read. I didnt put it down from start to finish. As always Tate surprised me with one thing after another. Vali (omg Vali *drool*) all the smoking hot sexiness that is her guys leaves me craving more. And not just of them. The story here imo is amazing. Its just the right amount of naughty to not detract from the telling itself while still being so steamy that the bathroom mirrors are fogged over would recommend and will most definitely be reading the rest of the series. P.s. Austin. Finally. I have been waiting what feels like FOREVER…


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