Winter’s Heart

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Winter’s Heart is a science fiction novel. The book is chapter nine of the Wheel of Time novel series. The author behind this engaging saga is Robert Jordan. He is a well-known American writer of epic fantasy novels. The Wheel of Time is his most loved series. It has fourteen novels altogether along with a prequel as well. A couple of popular novels from the subject series are The Eye of the World and The Shadow Rising.

The narration for this chapter is done by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer. The performance was inspiring and appreciated by the audience.

Winter’s Heart audiobook free

The story of this novel starts with the character of Rand. He is on the run along with Min. Cadsuane is in Cairhein and trying to figure out where he is going. The destination of Rand is something that she has never considered. The leader of the Black Tower, Mazrim is exposed as a liar. But, what actually he is up to?

The Forsaken are very pleasant. They are united and Slayer is stalking wolf dream and Tel’aran’rhiod. The Seanchan princess and Mat are introduced. Will their marriage going to be a reality which was predicted?

This long book contains 253 chapters. It is going to be a TV series soon. The story is amazing. However, editing could have been better as some chapters were cut mid-conversation. Some repeated content issues were also there. However, the performance of the narrators was impressive. However, it is believed that the audio production company has rectified this issue. The newer chapters are believed to be in order with nothing overlapping. This will be further confirmed after more reviews and feedback by listeners.

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