Blood for Blood (Wolf by Wolf #2)

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Blood for Blood audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Blood for Blood audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Blood for Blood audiobook free

I wasnt prepared for BLOOD FOR BLOOD. I mean, I was, since Id been looking forward to it after reading WOLF BY WOLF over the summer. But like with Leigh Bardugos CROOKED KINGDOM, the sequel floored me more than the first book did. I loved it. That. Much.

Ryan Graudins BLOOD FOR BLOOD picks up right where WOLF BY WOLF left off, with Jewish death camp survivor and skinshifter Yael on the run after killing Adolf Hitler. Or, at least thats what the rest of the world thought they witnessed. Because the truth that Yael discovered from this one act now threatens the resistance efforts chances of overthrowing the Third Reich. With unlikely sidekicks in Luka Lowe (Axis Tour winner) and Felix Wolfe (twin brother of the girl whom Yael skinshifted as in WOLF BY WOLF), she now returns to Germany to finish the job she started and shes under no illusion that it might cost her her life.

BLOOD FOR BLOOD outdoes its predecessor in the ways that count most. The stakes are higher, the plot even more suspense-riddled, and the twists unexpected. But it also features many of the same ingredients that made WOLF BY WOLF a vicious delight. The re-imagined post-WWII settings are still sobering and grimly realistic. Graudins writing is still punchy and vivid. And Yael, though damaged and vulnerable, is still brave and inspiring. If anything, she maintains better control of her emotions this time and is more certain of herself than ever before.

So why did I love BLOOD FOR BLOOD more? Because I like Luka much more this time. He still seems like a cocky dummkopf at the beginning, but once I read his POV chapters I realized that was all a faade. This poor guy was a reluctant poster boy of the Third Reich who suffered verbal and physical abuse at the hands of his wounded veteran father. Luka desperately wants to do something better with his life, something he believes in and can stand for. And once hes folded into the resistances protection and learns what happened to Yael before they met, he does.

And then theres Felix. Hes still the caring, fiercely loyal brother-anyone-would-love-to-have that he was in WOLF BY WOLF. But gosh, hes pushed to his emotional brink this time and forced to make some terrible decisions. And during his POV chapters, you can feel the twist and burn of his anger, fear, and despair. He may have disappointed me at times, but I understand why he did what he did and I feel sorry for him, too.

No critiques this time. In fact, BLOOD FOR BLOOD was such an absorbing read that I lost track of the time and pages within the first 50 pages. This is by far the superior book in a gutsy, gripping, and ultimately hopeful and deeply human duology, and it will probably stay with me for a while longer. Bravo, Ryan Graudin. 🙂


Review #2

Blood for Blood audiobook in series Wolf by Wolf

The first book in this series, Wolf by Wolf, was exciting and well told with its alternate reality storyline and the strong personality of Yael, a concentration camp medical experiment survivor. A resistance fighter after the war ended, the skinshifting Yael impersonated racer Adele Wolfe and entered the transcontinental motorcycle race from Germania to Tokyo. The goal was to win the race and assassinate Hitler at the Victors Ball. The book tore across the miles and through the pages as Yael raced against Adeles brother and her love interest, Luka. It was cutthroat and the action was relentless as Yael dealt with one obstacle after another only to end up shoot another skinshifter disguised as Hitler. It was a great story with fierce main character Yael and a killer of a cliffhanger.

The action in Blood for Blood continues only moments after Yael shoots the doppelganger. Luka, realizing Yael is not Adele, takes off after her through the streets of Tokyo. Adeles brother, Felix, is arrested and forced to make a deal with the SS in exchange for his familys safety: escape with Yael, locate the resistance headquarters, and betray them.

Luka, Yael and Felix find themselves lost in the Muscovy forest and must not only rely on but also trust one another and the tension between them is apparent. Felix is fighting a fatal infection. They are in Russian territory. And the Germans are searching for Yael. The action meanders as they try to survive day by day and it is more than halfway through the book that Yael is finally given another mission. If the first book had not been so strong with a clear-cut objective, Blood for Blood would in itself be a good book, but it lacks the drama of the race and just isnt as consistently pulse pounding.

This story focuses mostly on the relationships between Yael and Luka, Yael and someone from her past, and the agony Felix endures knowing he must betray them all. There are some clever aspects, some moments of riveting suspense, and lots of intrigue, but, again, it is no transcontinental motorcycle race.

We learn nothing new about cocky frat boy Luka and I laughed out loud when, after spending weeks with Yael following their escape from Tokyo, he has the Wait, youre Jewish? moment. He does redeem himself when he comes up with an alternative plan on how to bring down Hitler; it was much more plausible than the original one.

Felix is a tragic character and I felt sorry for him as he must sell his soul to save his family. He has such a good heart in the first book so his situation and the choices he has to make are painful.

Yael remains incredible. Still fierce as the wolves that grace her arm, she fights for her people and those she loves. Complex, resilient, and intelligent, her character makes this series so engrossing. We learn more about her past and even discover what she originally looked like as a child.

Im sorry this book was not as strong and I was a bit annoyed with the constant use of parentheses (expressing inner thoughts, perhaps?) and some of the syntax was oddly put together. BUT, I still fully enjoyed the series and highly recommend it.


Review #3

Audiobook Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin

BLOOD FOR BLOOD by Ryan Graudin is the sequel to the brilliant WOLF BY WOLF, concluding the story. It continues the story of seventeen-year-old Yael, resistant fighter and shape-shifter. After the events of the previous book, the world stands on a precipice; dangerous secrets have been revealed, and events set in motion that cannot be stopped. Yael is left reeling, but her mission for the resistance must be completed. The fight to regain control has begun, though not everything is as it appears. The future of the world hangs in the balance. BLOOD FOR BLOOD brings Yaels story, and that of the resistance, to a thrilling conclusion.

I have been looking forward to getting my hands on BLOOD FOR BLOOD since I finished WOLF BY WOLF: I had to know how Yaels story ended. BLOOD FOR BLOOD was just what I wanted from a sequel to WOLF BY WOLF Graudin did a brilliant job in concluding the story. I found it easy to fall back into Yaels world and watch events unfold. The story was a little slow at times, but for me the overall story more than made up for that. I can honestly say that this duology is one of my favourite reads of 2016 and I totally recommend it if you want to give an alternative history a try, with a few fantastical elements.

The main plot of BLOOD FOR BLOOD continues on from the conclusion of WOLF BY WOLF. I really enjoyed watching events unfold for Yael and the resistance. I thought it seemed pretty realistic, and the plot kept me guessing. Graudin breaks up this plot with a series of interludes set in different time periods, which give an insight into both the world and the characters. I found these both interesting and frustrating. I liked the fact that these interludes allowed us to gain a bigger picture of the world, and to learn more about the characters. However, I did find some of them frustrating, as I just wanted to know what was going to happen next in the main plot.

Yael is, of course, the main character and narrator of BLOOD FOR BLOOD: with Luka and Felix also providing some narration. This use of different voices in the narration works well to build a larger picture of what is going on, but I think it worked well that Luka and Felix were only occasional narrators as this meant that BLOOD FOR BLOOD was still very much Yaels story.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this series is the fact that its a duology. Graudin tells a compelling and believable story, which left me wanting to know what happens next. The ending of BLOOD FOR BLOOD was brilliantly written. I dont want to say too much about it because of spoilers, but I will say that I thought it was a fitting ending to the story. I really enjoyed following this twist on WW2, and if youre looking to try an alternative history then you should definitely check this series out.

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Review #4

Audio Blood for Blood narrated by Christa Lewis

I had high expectations for this book as I’ve been waiting to read it for 2 years and the second week of 2018 is when the time was right. It didn’t go anything like I expected and I loved it all the more for that.

It had faults but those faults are probably the fact that the characters I’d grown attached to act as humans do: irrationally and making such poor decisions. I hated them for it because they acted so selfishly and did things I didn’t agree with. It is the reality of the world though and it definitely fitted with this post ww2 setting where people would have made choices that they wouldn’t agree with now.

I loved that I was kept guessing and that there were tears. I was so emotionally invested right until the end of this book. I wanted so many things and not all of what I wanted happened but it was oh so good. I am currently hating the ending but hating it for being so good and so right. If I wait a few days I know I will love the choices made and know that it for so well.

Well done. This was brilliant.


Review #5

Free audio Blood for Blood – in the audio player below

Second in a duology [series of two books] which began with ‘Wolf By Wolf’, this is an alternate history story for young adult readers, of resistance and rebellion and a very special girl in a world where the Nazis won World War Two.

It being the second in the run means it does bring the story to a close. And it’s not a jumping on point, as it continues right from where book one left off. So new readers should start with that.

Those who have read it, read on.

This volume runs for four hundred and eighty one pages.

It has a prelude. Four parts. Two interludes. And is further divided into fifty nine chapters.

As with the first book, it does have some strong moments of violence and disturbing scenes, so is best for readers aged thirteen and up.

It’s prelude reintroduces us to the three main characters -Yael, Luka and Felix – by showing each at a crucial and formative point in their past. And then it resumes from the shocking ending to book one. The rebellion is on. But Yael knows the secret that could destroy it.

Luka is torn between the world he knows and this strange girl. And Felix just wants his sister to be safe.

All three have some terrible choices to make. As the mission isn’t over….

You quickly get used to the characters again and back into the plot very quickly. And it becomes a real page turner that doesn’t let up for a moment. The viewpoint character will change between the three from chapter to chapter – although a couple of other characters do get a look in – and the narrative is superb.

Because it has clear direction, taking it’s characters on a journey. Keeping you fully up with the bigger picture of what is going on in this world. And putting them through excellent character arcs where they grow and change as a result of the decisions they make.

It’s a clever narrative as well because it clearly, as you see when you get into the final third, knows exactly where it’s going all along, and said final third will make you turn the pages even faster. Surprises and shocking moments coming fast. None of which you will forget in a hurry.

A very good read and a very memorable one with it. A great end to a great story.


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