Honest Illusions

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Honest Illusions

Review #1

Honest Illusions audiobook free

I love Robert’s books even though many of them are formulaic – boy meets girl/ they fall in love/fight/happy ending. Her characters are always so well drawn and compelling and the writing is superb. In this book there are elements of the boy meets girl formula but the plot is so ingenious and well researched that I just wanted to keep reading, was sorry when I’d finished it. If I have one quibble it’s that, for my taste, there is a little too much detail in the descriptions of the illusions. Didn’t spoil my read though. I think this is one of Nora’s best.

Review #2

Honest Illusions audiobook

This romantic story was too drawn out for me. The end result was as expected, however I felt that the ‘jewel robberies’ were criminal activities which would have been investigated and found out in real life- not romanticised!

As always, Ms Robert’s hit it out of the park. I loved her character Max and wish I had had a dad like that growing up! Lily was lovely and so kind. Each character had something very special. Wish there was a sequel.

Review #3

Audiobook Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts

I am a huge fan of Nora Roberts and have been since her Harlequin and Silhouette days. That said, this book kept me captivated. When I got to certain parts where the bad guys were ahead I talked to the characters like they could hear me. Yes, I honestly got that involved and had to keep reading until things changed.

Review #4

Audio Honest Illusions narrated by Sandra Burr

There are a lot of 4 and 5 stars reviews for this book but I just don’t see it. The first part of the book seems to go on and on. I thought that after that the book would pick up during the second part and it did but then the story turned to the h constantly either fighting with the H or throwing herself at him. I am not a big fan of books where the h chases the H and the H constantly rejects her and sleeps with other woman. This is even more frustrating when the author is clearly trying to make the h a strong female, strong females just do not put up with that! It also bothered me how many other woman the H had sex with. The fighting, the other woman, the constant pushing the h away created a very cold relationship to me, not at all tender and loving. IMO the relationship between the H and h felt more brother/sister where they shared their childhood and were defiantly there for each other when things were bad but whose relationship was more antagonistic than a sweet.

By the third part of the book I was determined to finish it simply because I had already invested so much time into this story. Even though I think the last part of the story was better, it really annoyed me that after only two weeks of the H coming back the H and h were back together as though all was fine. Shortly after that he and his son had the perfect relationship. The resolution between the characters was simplistic and lacked any depth. After such a cold abandonment and a five year absence, I doubt that the h would be fine with an explanation, a few “sorry” and a good cry. It seemed even more unrealistic because the h was feeling resentful to her family for welcoming the H back as though he had not abandoned them in such a short time, yet shortly after that she is welcoming him back just as easily?

The only redeeming characters in the book were Lily and Max. The author conveyed a tender, romantic relationship between these characters which she failed to convey with the H and h. This book got a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews so I know I am in the minority on this one but I just felt this book needed a little more love and redemption in the love story.

Review #5

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This book is magical, and it catches you from page one. Her writing is just so amazing. It’s like you are there,
So many have actually reviewed the book, so there is no need for another in-depth. But do yourself a favor and read this…it is definitely Nora at her very best!!

I first read this book in the early 90’s, and Roxy and Luke’s story had me mesmerized. I find it fascinating to note that now, almost 30 years later, it was Max and Lily that had me wishing we could have their story, right from the beginning. I wish Nora would revisit this world again!

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